UNIQLO reveals Mega Man shirts

Japanese clothing brand UNIQLO, which we have reported has been introducing a line of game inspired shirts, have today revealed their Mega Man themed shirt. Available in blue and black, the simple T has an E-Tank sprite on the front, with a Mega Man sprite silhouette on the back and the text "GIVE ME ENERGY." Rather cute, although considering the amount of sprite-based Rockman shirts Capcom of Japan has already produced, I was hoping for something a little more interesting. The colored trim on the collar and sleeves is a nice touch, though. The shirt goes on sale April 20th, along with numerous other themes. Additionally, another Mega Man shirt will release on June 22nd, which you can see scrolling to near the bottom of the page. This seems to just feature a large Mega Man sprite on a black or fuchsia shirt (really, fuchsia?). Unfortunately, UNIQLO's Japan outlet does not ship internationally, but hopefully their gaming line will spread beyond Japan as they do have a US presence. uniqlomega