Rockman Online Introduces Cinnamon

For those keeping track of developments with Capcom and NeoWiz's joint venture, Rockman Online has got a bit more spice for you. (See what I did there?) Preceding this week's G-Star event in Seoul, NeoWiz has announced the inclusion of Cinnamon in Rockman Online. I can't gather all the details, and while it appears she will be able to accompany players, I'm not certain if she's an actual character type, like X, Zero and Duo.

As you might suspect, Cinnamon will serve as a healing and support character. Using the Great Force Metal Generator she's equipped with, she can treat her comrades. It's also said that, aside from medical healing, she also makes use of biotechnology and alternative medicines. Additionally, it's said she speaks of visions of a place called "Neo Arcadia" where humans and Reploids coexist. While most think this is a side effect of the Force Metal, Duo type hunters believe her words have truth. Weird...

Speaking of G-Star, it appears Pmang plans to release a new trailer for the game on YouTube once the event begins. Teased with a single image, the trailer will contain new animated footage, which has been made as a joint collaboration between Korea and Japan. I'm uncertain if the trailer will contain any actual gameplay, but we can still hope.