Joystiq Confirms UMD Legacy Titles With Chris Kramer

With the release of the PSP Go, we're seeing a huge influx of UMD Legacy games on the PSN store. Capcom had been planning the big PSP/PS1 push on PSN for quite some time now and it looks like those plans are finally coming to fruition. A blog entry detailing the release schedule for several PSP titles was posted on Capcom Unity before being pulled down shortly after. Joystiq has confirmed with Chris Kramer that "titles are correct and the dates should be fairly accurate" though he adds that it's "hard to pin down digital release dates almost until they happen."

Here's the release schedule that was taken down:

  • October 8: Darkstalkers Chronicle: The Dark Tower
  • October 15: Street Fighter Alpha 3 Max
  • October 22: Capcom Puzzle World
  • October 29: Maverick Hunter X
  • November 5: Megaman Powered Up

Though there are no prices currently listed, Capcom's current selection of UMD Legacy titles run at $19.99 a pop.

News Credit: Joystiq