Kinuyo Yamashita of Mega Man X3 Pariticipating in VGL

She is probably best known by game music fans for scoring Castlevania as her debut work, but Kinuyo Yamashita is also behind the music in the SNES version of Mega Man X3. What's more, she will be joining this Saturday's performance of Video Games Live this Saturday at the Tilles Center Concert Hall in Greenvale, New York. According to the press release, she will definitely be involved in the performance of Castlevania music, but it's uncertain if she will be performing anything Mega Man related. However, it is mentioned there will be new Mega Man pieces in the show nevertheless. Plus, Yamashita will be available after the show for a meet-and-greet, so you could always get something signed if you're a big fan!

If you're attending the show, let us know how it goes! You can also buy tickets here.

Thanks Flame! (via Protodude's Rockman Corner)