Rockman Dystopia Tracks Revealed

Rockman Dystopia Tracks Revealed

It's been a while since we heard about the forthcoming release of Rockman Dystopia, a concept album of hard rock and techno designed to reflect the darker atmosphere of the Rockman X series versus its lighter Classic-based counterpart in Rockman Utopia. But now, at the dawning of a new year, we have new info to share as well.

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Rockman Utopia Tracks Revealed

Rockman Utopia Tracks Revealed

It was one month ago to the day that we brought you word of a pair of interesting soundtracks Capcom of Japan, in cooperation with Basiscape, will be releasing on January 14th, 2015. Today, some new information has come forth, thanks to a tip from our friendly neighborhood Heat Man.

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Capcom Wants to Know What Soundtracks You Desire

We've been pretty fortunate in the amount of Mega Man soundtracks and other merchandise that have been coming out in the past couple months - and months to come. Well, if you live in Japan at least. And Capcom of Japan is primed to give more. A new entry on their site's Q&A basically asks fans flat out to submit what game soundtracks they'd like to see materialized.

You can participate simply by mailing Suleputer (Capcom's in-house record label). The only caution they advertise is that inquiries must have a subject, else your mail will be eaten by spam protection. Of course, there's nothing to indicate this is intended for fans outside of Japan, and I can't say if they'll even bother with requests written in English. But if there's a Mega Man soundtrack you really want to see (or any Capcom game, I suppose), what do you have to lose?

News Credit: Tarbo

The Trademarks Continue - Capcom of Japan Grabs "ROCKMAN"

Last month, we reported the curious though otherwise unassuming story of Capcom registering a new trademark for "MEGA MAN" back in August. Now it seems that Capcom of Japan is following suit, having just registered the term "ROCKMAN" (in all Roman letters, and not in Japanese characters) among other reported trademarks. There are no details on what kind of products the trademark covers, and I'm not even certain how similar Japanese trademark regulation is compared to the US. Similarly to what I thought about the trademark of "MEGA MAN," there is speculation that "ROCKMAN" may just be related to Rockman Xover, but otherwise those reporting on the details seem to be curious as to what it could indicate. I wouldn't say to get your hopes up, but... maybe just get your hopes up a little? A teensy bit?

News Credit: Hachima Kikou (via Tarbo-san)

Capcom Looking to Marry Mega Man and Pachinko

Can't say this development will get anyone excited, but perhaps you're a Mega Man fan living in Japan and have a gambling addiction? I'm at least two of those. 100,000 Strong points out today a want ad from Capcom for a programmer under a one year contract. The purpose is for making interesting pachinko machines featuring characters from series like Street Fighter, Sengoku Basara, Resident Evil, and, of course, Mega Man.

Although pachinko is mostly associated with Japan's quasi-gambling industry largely consisting of pachinko parlors, it is likely the intention is for more recreational-geared machines, which can be found at game centers and the like. Not to mention the various Mega Man themed arcade and prize machines that have already been produced in Japan. I am hopeful for this anyway, since I personally don't think Mega Man and gambling is a very good combination.

All in all, it will fall on whoever ends up with the job to see what gets made.

Image via Wikipedia.

DASH 3 Vanishes from CoJ Front Page

It's certainly not my intention to stir up any alarm with posting on this, but the fact is Rockman DASH 3 has been dropped from Capcom of Japan's front page. I wouldn't necessarily even worry myself about something like this, save for a few months back the same thing occurred with Mega Man Universe. A week later, it became apparent why that happened. Of course there's a huge difference between Mega Man Legends 3 and Mega Man Universe. Universe underwent months of quietness, whereas Legends 3 still has updates and progress reports ongoing; albeit it is true that things have simmered down since the Prototype Version was announced to be delayed. Furthermore, combining this with the uncertainty surrounding Mega Man Legends 3 being greenlit does add cause for a lot of concern.

As it stands, Rockman DASH 3 is still listed on Capcom of Japan's full game lineup. Then again, Mega Man Universe is still there too. Still, my sensible side says there's no way Capcom would drop a game so passionately desired by fans, not to mention one that fans are contributing actual content to. People have made a lot of personal investment in this title. And of course there is no announcement of cancellation on the game's homepage nor the Devroom.

So long as the site and Devroom are still running, I don't think there's anything to fear. Hopefully we get some kind of good word soon; I don't like having all this worry!

Happy Rockman Day to You

Was waiting out for the Capcom Unity Devroom to update on this, but being E3 and all posting is naturally behind. Greg has also been spending a ton of time dishing out his moves at the Let's Dance 3 exhibition. Today (well technically yesterday) fans celebrate "Rockman Day." It falls on June 9th because of the Japanese trend of making numbers into words based on sounds. "Roku" is 6 and "ku/kyuu" is 9. Put together they form "rokku" (since rokuku would be a little weird to say). This is why you sometimes see the number 69 crop up in Mega Man games, like on the Support Car license plate, and Mr. Famous' 69 battles winning streak.

Anyway, Capcom of Japan has prepared a variety of things in celebration. The biggest of which is the cool wallpaper you see above. You can head here to download it in any of three sizes, just press the red button after the notice comes up. Next, they've made the arranged Flutter theme that plays on the Rockman DASH 3 Project page available for download. You can grab it here. Finally, the Capcom Sound Sphere podcast "We are ROCK-MEN" has special guest Reo Uratani on the show, Legends 3's head musician. Of course it will be entirely in Japanese, but I read that Uratani-san plays an acoustic version of a super popular Mega Man Legends tune.

Additionally, there is a bit of commentary and thanks from various people involved with Mega Man, including BN and SF producer Takeshi "Horiken" Horinouchi, artist and character designer Ryuji Higurashi, director of Mega Man Legends 1 and 2 Yoshinori Kawano, Rockman Unity front man Ucchy-san, and legendary programmer "H.M.D." who was there at the start of it all. I would translate these if I had the time, but I'm certain it'll all be on Capcom Unity shortly.

Well then, a grand Rockman Day to you! I implore you, no, command you to get nuts on E-Tank energy drinks and play Mega Man games all day today!

The Results of Capcom's Desired Figure Vote

It's been about six weeks now, with the vote having begun back on April 1st. But voting is done and the results are finally in. 6,602 total votes were received, and now as promised Ucchy-san delivers us the results. The top three most desired characters to be turned into figures are... 1st place: Zero (MMX version) with 1,927 votes. Well this is pretty convenient, since Bandai has already announced a D-Arts figure of the guy!

2nd place: Full Armor X with 1,367  votes. Again, good news for Bandai considering they've hinted at such a figure being released.

3rd place: Vile with 1,093 votes. Now here's one I can really get behind; villain figures are pretty rare. And it's hardly inconceivable Bandai would tackle this fellow should the other D-Arts figures take off.

One might conclude that figure and merchandise fans are largely X fans too! Pretty interesting stuff, and good news for those looking forward to Bandai's figures. However, there's still plenty of more data to go over. Hit the jump to check out the rest.

4th place: Bass with 976 votes.

5th place: Bass EXE with 895 votes.

6th place: A tie between Ciel and MegaMan Volnutt, both received 804 votes.

7th place: MegaMan Model ZX with 783 votes.

8th place: Leviathan with 741 votes.

9th place: Iris with 724 votes.

10th place: Roll Caskett with 673 votes.

Following the top ten we have:

11th: Harpuia with 625 votes

12th: Tron with 606 votes

13th: Luna Platz with 586 votes (seriously)

14th: MegaMan EXE with 583 votes

15th: Shooting Star MegaMan with 538 votes

16th: Super Mega Man with 501 votes

17th: Rogue with 321 votes

18th: Harp Note with 300 votes

19th: Mega Man Model A with 277 votes

20th: Pandora with 270 votes

21st: Prometheus with 219 votes

22nd: Roll EXE with 214 votes, and finally...

23rd: Prairie with 176 votes.

Whew, that's it for the officially listed characters. Now for the write-ins!

1st (92 votes): Zero (MMZ version).

2nd (91 votes): Sigma

3rd (79 votes): Axl

4th (58 votes): Kuwagust Anchus (guess that lead didn't last, but still a pretty high ranking)

5th (51 votes): Sonia Strumm

6th (34 votes): ProtoMan EXE

7th (31 votes): Metal Man

8th (29 votes): Servbot

9th (25 votes): Dr. Wily, Ultimate Armor X, Copy X, Elpizo

10th (24 votes): Aile

11th (22 votes): Air Man

12th (20 votes): Quick Man

13th (18 votes): Phantom

14th (17 votes): X (MMZ version)

15th (16 votes): Alia

16th (14 votes): Flash Man, Colonel, Mayl Sakurai

17th (13 votes): Proto Man, Fefnir

18th (11 votes): Metall, Crash Man, Duo, Marino, Data, Omega

19th (10 votes): Rush

20th (9 votes): Cut Man, Storm Eagle, Dynamo, Lan Hikari, Colonel EXE

Oh man here we go...

21st (8 votes): Snake Man, Shadow Man, Napalm Man, Gate, Iris EXE

22nd (7 votes): Toad Man, Splash Woman, X (Command Mission version), Eugene Chaud, Serenade EXE, Giro

23rd (6 votes): Mega Man (Hitoshi Ariga version), Guts Man, Elec Man, Super Bass, Black Zero, Fourth Armor X, Lumine, Teisel Bonne, Bass Cross MegaMan

24th (5 votes): Mega Man, Dr. Light, Yellow Devil, Top Man, Kalinka, Turbo Man, Ballade, Mac, Magma Dragoon, Patrick Sprigs, Acid Ace

25th (4 votes): Quick Man (Hitoshi Ariga version), Gemini Man, Jewel Man, Burner Man, Enker, Sniper Joe, IX, Nana, NapalmMan EXE, Omega-Xis, Ashe

26th (3 votes): Bubble Man, Heat Man (oh COME ON!), Wood Man, Dust Man, Treble, Punk, Jupiter, Beat, Tango, Second Armor X, Third Armor X, Vile Mk-2, Double, Hi-Max, Absolute Zero, Gigavolt Man-o-war, Merti, MegaMan Juno, Denice Marmalade, Aero, ElecMan EXE, PlantMan EXE, AquaMan EXE, Meddy EXE, Alouette, Pantheon, Aztec Falcon, Dr. Weil, Geo Stelar, Queen Ophiuca, Cyngus Wing, Queen Tia, Black Ace

27th (2 votes): Roll, Eddie, Bubble Man (wait, what?), Magnet Man, Pharaoh Man, Gyro Man, Centaur Man, Knight Man, Burst Man, Tornado Man, Sheep Man, Magic Man, Quint, King, Sunstar, Plum, Chill Penguin, Spark Mandrill, Boomer Kuwanger, Bit, Jet Stingray, Blade Armor X, Vile V, Dr. Doppler, Layer, Bon Bonne, Gustaff, Horokko, Sharukurusu, Barrett, GutsMan EXE, IceMan EXE, ShadowMan EXE, SearchMan EXE, Gospel, ShadeMan EXE, Dark MegaMan, Aqua Custom Style, Proto Soul, Princess Pride, Craft, Chilldre Inarabitta, Model ZX (Aile), Model Z, Gemini Spark, Hope Stelar, A.C.Eos, Jack Corvus, Mega Man (guessing bad box art version), Ucchy-san

28th (1 vote): Dr, Wily (Hitoshi Ariga version), Batton, Fire Man, Bomb Man, Spark Man, Needle Man, Shadow Man (Hitoshi Ariga version), Snake Man, Charge Man, Crystal Man, Gravity Man, Skull Man, Plant Man, Yamato Man, Junk Man, Tengu Man, Astro Man, Clown Man, Search Man, Aqua Man, Nitro Man, Blade Man, Strike Man, Solar Man, Chill Man, Pirate Man, Ground Man, Time Man, Mercury, Terra, Sakugarne, Wily Machine #8, Launch Octopus, Sting Chameleon, Armored Armadillo, Magna Centipede, Wire Sponge, Blast Hornet, Volt Catfish, Web Spider, Dark Dizzy, Falcon Armor X, Ride Armor, Goliath, Byte, Signas, X (X8 version), Zero (X8 version), Red, Palette, Return IX, Massimo, Spider, Ferham, Sera, Birdbot, Napalm Man, BubbleMan EXE, BrightMan EXE, StarMan EXE, ShadeMan EXE, Duo (BN), Ring EXE, Cache EXE, Mr. Dark, Ms. Millions, Raika, Mick, Yuika, Prosecutor Ito, Bug Style, Burble Hekerot, Deathtants Mantisk, Volteel Biblio, Cubit Foxtar, Phoenix Magnion, Heat Genblem, Neige, Model X, Vulturon, Hivolt, Tesrat, Model HX, Aeolus, Siarnaq, Red Joker, Mr. Hertz, Taurus, Acid, Diamond Ice, Queen Virgo, Apollo Flame, Bud Bison, Bob Copper, Wood Ninja, Crimson Dragon, Mega Man (MMPU), Ice Man (MMPU), Dr. Light (Hadouken capsule), Ciel's stuffed animal, Megapin, Bond Man

Congratulations to you for reading all that. Now congratulate me for writing it... *passes out*

Some Initial Figure Vote Results and More

You may recall that at the beginning of the month, Capcom of Japan opened a poll for fans to pick characters they'd like to see as the focus of figures and collectables yet to come. The poll is still running until May 10th, but Ucchy-san was allowed to share some initial data so far. In particular, there was a field for users to input a desired character not listed in the choices, and Ucchy has listed what top "other" choices have amassed as of April 15th. Shockingly enough, the top pick by a tremendous margin is... Mega Man Zero boss Kuwagust Anchus! Seriously? I gotta say, that smells a little like shenanigans! Or maybe the character really is that popular? Even Ucchy is startled by the amount of support. Following Anchus, other top picks are Sigma (X series), Axl (X series), Sonia Strumm (Star Force series), Servbot (Legends series) and Metal Man (classic series). To a lesser extent, there has also been support for Elpizo (Zero series), Aile (ZX series), Phantom (Zero series), Alia (X series) and Dr. Wily (classic series).

Additionally, members of Capcom have also come out with their own desired picks.

  • Okano-san of Rockman Unity: Iris, Super Mega Man and Roll EXE.
  • Keisuke Mizuno (illustrator for Mega Man Powered Up, Mega Man Maverick Hunter X): Vile, Iris and Leviathan.
  • Ryuji Higurashi (illustrator for Mega Man 9 and 10): Full Armor X, Iris and Mayl.
  • Tatsuya Kitabayashi (producer for Mega Man Legends 3): Vile, Zero and Roll Caskett.
  • Yuji Ishihara (art director for Mega Man Legends 3): MegaMan Volnutt, MegaMan (Star Force) and Rogue.
  • Naoya Tomita aka TOM PON (assistant producer for Mega Man Legends 3): Aero... (yep that's all).
  • Higashi-san (part of the Mega Man Legends 3 devroom web team): MegaMan Volnutt, Roll Caskett and Zero (X series).
  • Kinako Ikawa (Mega Man Legends 3 web planner): MegaMan Volnutt, Roll EXE and Harp Note

Some pretty curious insight so far. Look forward to the final results in May! Thanks for the tip, HJ!

Capcom Wants to Know Your Desired Figures

Japanese figure makers have been pumping out a lot of Rockman themed goodies lately, and it seems that is a trend intended to continue. Capcom of Japan's Ucchy-san has opened this poll, which allows you to select which characters you'd like to see a figure/model kit of. There are 24 total characters ranging from various series, and you can select up to three. Furthermore, a field beneath the choices lets you submit any other character not listed. Additional questions include your age range, and your favorite series (Rockman, X, DASH, EXE, Zero, ZX, Ryuusei). The poll will run from now until May 10th. On May 16th they plan on showing the results. It does not openly state which figure makers will be using this info, so likely it's just a general consensus to any interested parties. Still, definitely seems like we'll be having more Rockman toys. Make your voices heard!

News Credit: Ucchy-san

Development of Mega Man Universe Officially Ceased

After months of not hearing anything of the title, and after Capcom of Japan removed it from their front page, the company has officially announced that development of Mega Man Universe has ceased, due to "various circumstances." There is no word if development may pick up again, and considering the amount of profuse apologizing to those looking forward to it, it does not seem as if it ever will. Although this does seem contradictory to other recent statements. I know quite a bit of controversy and concern surrounded this title, but it's still pretty unfortunate to see it go. Hopefully all this time has been used to put efforts towards potentially other Mega Man titles to be revealed.

News Credit: Tarbo-san

Rockman DASH 3 Playable in Tokyo This Month

Have to admit, I thought it'd be ages before we'd see a playable build of Legends 3, but in Japan it's coming up pretty soon! This Tuesday, on the 29th, Capcom will hold a special "Nintendo 3DS X Capcom Premium Trial Event" in Akihabara, Tokyo, where they will offer a playable version of Rockman DASH 3, along with Street Fighter IV 3D Edition and Biohazard The Mercenaries 3D. The event will run from 3PM to 8PM. If you happen to be in Akihabara around the time, then by all means send in your thoughts on the demo! I should also say, if Capcom is this far along with a Legends 3 build, then hopefully there's a good chance we'll see it at one of the upcoming gaming events here in the west too!

Thanks for the tip, Toshihisa!

Legends 3 Developer Room is Gearing Up

Capcom has opened developer rooms for Mega Man Legends 3 on both the Japan side and the US side as a means of getting the fans involved with the game's development. So far things have been fairly plodding, with preparations getting in place, but activity will be heating up in the coming month. That's when the dev room will fully open, allowing fans to interact with the developers as co-developers.

In the meantime, Capcom Unity is asking questions from both fans and non-fans to gain perspective about the feelings towards the Legends series:

1) Legends fans, what is it that you liked most about Legends? And how would you like to participate in the development of Legends 3 going forward?

You may have already submitted similar comments earlier, but please let us hear them again for the record.

2) Those of you who have never played Mega Man Legends, what exactly was it that brought you here? And what expectations do you have of the Legends 3 project?

Please let us hear from you even if what you say isn't exactly an answer to these questions.

Please leave your comments in this forum thread. When leaving a comment, please indicate which group you belong to (1) or (2).

So far group (2) has been quite underrepresented, and we would like to have everyone's participation so that we can make this a truly interactive game development project.

It sounds like Capcom plans on reaching out to just fans, who are of course hotly anticipating this title, but looking for ways to make the game appeal to prospective newcomers as well. To that end, you should definitely head over to Capcom Unity and give your insight!

Legends 3 Heroine Contest Reminder

The first project in Mega Man Legends 3's fan interaction, the Heroine Contest, is still going on strong. Already the contest has gotten over 15,000 cumulative votes via Capcom Unity, Capcom of Japan and Capcom of Japan's Mobile Site.

Additionally, Capcom of Japan has published some preliminary results. So far the leading design is Shinsuke Komaki's, followed by "Sensei" Haruki Suetsugu's in second, and Tatsuya Yoshikawa's in third (all three pictured above). Incidentally, I know on the Unity side that Sensei's design leads, so it looks like this race is a pretty close one!

If you haven't voted yet you still have time, but it's running out. Voting will run until October 25th, 10AM Japan time, which is October 24th, 6PM US Pacific time. After voting is tied up, Capcom will announce the winner on October 29th! (around 5PM in Japan, 1AM US Pacific). So get those votes in!

Get to know your Mega Man 10 Robot Masters

Following this week's crazy news, Capcom of Japan has now updated their Rockman 10 homepage with the Robot Master profiles. Since you may not read Japanese, here is a rundown of each Robot Master's characteristics. Commando Man: A robot created for removing land mines. His typical work involves operating bombs by remote control to take out a series of mines at once. He receives many requests for activity around the world, and is often very busy. It's said he enjoys tasting the oil from different parts of the world. His special weapon is Command Bomb, which creates a powerful explosion.

Nitro Man: A stunt robot who's worked on movies and television. With his expert riding technique, he answers the demands of even the most dangerous directors. He's also the leader of a 60 member robot stunt club. He can transform into a motorcycle and race around at high speed.

Blade Man: Created as a guide robot for a castle at a world heritage site. The castle's lord was an immense sword enthusiast, which is how Blade Man got his design. He's incredibly knowledgeable of weapons and blades, and once he gets talking about them he tends not to stop. This sometimes makes tourists grow tired and leave. He can speedily move around as if he were dancing about the air.

Sheep Man: Originally a robot created to manage sheep on a ranch. One day he became aware of the static electricity stored in his wool, and changed careers to giving lessons about static resistance at a circuit board factory. However, he's gotten wary of this and is considering changing jobs again. He can divide his body into cloud-like puffs and rain down static electricity like lightning.

Solar Man: A robot that worked at an artificial sun research establishment. He is able to create ultra-hot pseudo suns. Because his companions tended to shut them selves away in the laboratory, he insisted on a "solar exercise" program that he devised. He is able to absorb attacks within the pseudo sun he creates above his head.

Chill Man: A robot created to observe nature in the arctic circle. His chief work is keeping tabs on the melting of glaciers due to global warming. His hobby is photography, and has published his photographs of nature's splendor on the internet in hopes of appealing to the importance of nature. His weapon, Chill Spike, can freeze Mega Man fast to the ground.

Strike Man: The batting practice robot for a stadium. He gets in a bad mood if someone can hit all the different pitches he's able to throw. There are occasions where he's been sent to the maintenance factory for hospitalizing opponents he doesn't like with dead balls. He can leap high into the air and throw his Rebound Striker, a powerful fastball.

Pump Man: A robot that worked as the cleaning manager of a water treatment facility. At first glance he appears to be an outdated robot, but he can freely manipulate water and can create water balls with powerful rotation. He is a neat freak, and has volunteered in cleaning off graffiti in town. By manipulating water he can create his Water Shield and block Mega Man's attacks.

Rockman EXE Operate Shooting Star homepage updates

exe_oss_logoToday Capcom of Japan has revamped their official Rockman EXE Operate Shooting Star homepage for future updates, following Clark's unexpected journey to 200 years in the past. The new website so far contains basic background details to both the Battle Network series and Star Force series in order to get users acquainted with the content. There's also a page meant to discuss the new elements for the DS port, which shows off some screens as well as ClockMan. According to the site, ClockMan's intentions seem to involve him wanting to change the course of events in the past.

Finally, there's a section for the development staff to discuss matters, and includes a mail form for fans to send their memories from the BN series. So far the page contains a welcome to fans and a neat picture of Lan and MegaMan.

Unfortunately little else is shown, but more updates are likely to be on their way, so we'll keep you posted.


Another mysterious OSS post from Clark - Updated

A while back, the mascot of Capcom's Ryuusei no Rockman 3 Satellite Server Clark made a vauge comment about a program that could control time, a statement likely pointing at Rockman EXE: Operate Shooting Star's Clockman, who was revealed later. Today Clark brings up another curious statement concerning that program.

A while back I mentioned something about a "program that can control time," but it seems like they somehow completed a prototype!

Then, Ace comes to me and asks of all things "Clark, if you'd like, would you want that program installed in you?" It seems to be for data collecting, but to get a program like that installed... I get kind of a special feeling. Hmm, but why would Ace choose me?

Truthfully I don't know if this is supposed to hint at Operate Shooting Star's contents, or if this is just a small storyline to promote future site updates for the game. Either way we'll keep our eyes peeled.

08/19/09: Another message has been added to the site. Now, sadly, it seems Clark has been swallowed up by a time portal.

At last the day has come that the prototype "Clock Program," a program that controls time, has been installed in me!

I sought the reason why Ace chose me for this, and he said "Whatever happens to you, Clark, it's fine," which makes me feel a tad uneasy. But if it's to assist the Satella Police, I'll bravely go forth... Eeeyah!

*Bzzz-bzzzt! Bzzzzzzzzt!!!*

Err? What's this turbulent air...?


Wh-what's happening!? What the heck is that warp hole-like thing... I'm... being sucked in.... Oo..ooowaah!!??

*Bzzzzt, bzzzzz-snap*

In all honesty, I believe this is little more than a gag that's meant to lead up to the revival of the Rockman EXE: Operate Shooting Star homepage. I don't expect Clark to play any role in the actual storyline, since I don't believe he was involved at all in Star Force 3's story. Still, we'll see what happens.