Mega Man Cases for Nintendo 3DS Coming to the Capcom Store

[gallery columns="2" link="file" ids="21613,21612"] First: Making a "Mega Man on 3DS" joke would have been too easy, and we're pretty sure we did that one already. Besides which, the Virtual Console releases kind of make it moot anyway.

In all seriousness, Capcom Unity has revealed a brand-new case coming to the Capcom Store. Inspired by the success of their similar Monster Hunter cases and with the whole NES Mega Man series coming to the handheld, they figure "why not release a Blue Bomber one, too?" And so they are.

These aren't available yet, as they're still fine-tuning and ordering them, but they will be available in time for the San Diego Comic-Con, and will come in both regular and XL sizes. You can see more pics here, and if you'd rather have a Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate case, more of those are on the way, too. Perhaps if there is sufficient demand, they'll make other Mega Man cases as well!

Sources: Hazard and GoNintendo

Mega Man 4 Soundtrack Now Available on the Capcom Store

e6b61b23959e643c7816c2d0d4534eae Oh, right then. Literally the day after we told you that the Mega Man 3 soundtrack was available on the Capcom Store, they managed to sneak in and put the Mega Man 4 soundtrack up, too.

Between this, the last entry in "A Critical Look at Mega Man 4 Stages," and the release of the game itself on the Nintendo 3DS eShop, it seems the stars have aligned for a little Mega Man 4 Mania. Are you in?

Final Images of 25th Anniversary Statue Appear with Pre-Orders Ending Friday Night

mm25thanniversarystatue Over on Capcom Unity, Brelston has posted what are the final images of the 25th anniversary Mega Man statue, and above, we've posted the pic which focuses on the most contentious issue so far: The eyes. So, what do you think?

Whatever it is, you'll need to think fast: Pre-orders for the statue end this Friday; once the weekend officially starts, your only opportunity to get one will be to venture out to the 2013 San Diego Comic-Con and get one there!

Mega Man 3 Soundtrack Now Available on Capcom Store

mm3soundtracklisting It seems like just yesterday that the Mega Man 2 soundtrack was released to the Capcom Store... but it was actually ten days ago. How time flies, huh?

Well, now it's Mega Man 3's turn, as it's now available for just $8.95, and contains all the tracks you see above. Admit it, your life won't be complete until you get a bunch of friends together in front of a camera, dance to "Shall we go on a Magnetic Continuous tour?", and post it to YouTube. And now you can!

25th Anniversary Mega Man Statue Now Available for Pre-Order in Capcom Store

64dfa7c5de69d19a4c32477047e8181eCapcom Unity has just announced that the limited edition 25th anniversary statue of Mega Man first shown at PAX East is now available for pre-order in the Capcom Store. "This was originally announced as a SDCC 2013 exclusive," notes Community Manager Brett Elston, "but the reaction was so strong we're opening the floodgates early and giving you all access months ahead of time! Take note, however - this pre-order extends only through April 25!"

The $99.95 statue is 10 inches on a 6-inch diameter base, and features USB-powered LED lights on the base, helmet, and Mega Buster. Each one is individually numbered as part of its limited availability as a Capcom Store Exclusive.

"[T]his was a labor of love between community and licensing," Elston said "and we're super happy to see it out in the wild. Along with the MM25 pin (which was a big hit during PAX, about 1000 handed out!) and the other news from the panel, this is how we aim to kick things off for the Blue Bomber's 25th - which, yes, was in December, but we're planning activity all year."

Click here if you would like to pre-order, or just check out some different pics of the statue, including some of it lit up! Do note, however, that "Images shown are not of the final product and are subject to change".

Mega Man? How About Mega Lan? (As in "Lanyard," Not the Battle Network Kid)

0265ed4e8dd3b7439b5f821c37e0b927 Over on Capcom Unity, Brelston is showing you how to flash your credentials in style-- by hanging them on this snazzy Mega Man lanyard, which fits around all but the fattest of necks (or heads)! They're just $9.95 and ship from the Capcom Store in February if you order now!

But wait, there's more! You not only get the classic 8-bit iconography of the Blue Bomber running, jumping, and sliding across this handsome neon green strap, but also a special Mega Man 25th Anniversary tag (see below) commemorating the years the Man has been Mega and telling all your friends and associates where you got it! So place your order now, and tell every convention this Summer where they can stuff their lanyards when you show up at the door!*


* The Mega Man Network will not be held responsible if you are summarily thrown out and/or banned from said conventions upon telling them where they can stuff their lanyards. Also, I feel so, so very dirty right now.

New Mega Man Shirts Coming to the Capcom Store

09fc2bf97c14b0338e15283c609a61ea Yet another announcement from Capcom today is that a new batch of Mega Man t-shirts are on their way to the Capcom Store, with some coming soon and more throughout the year. Most are based on the Classic series, but there is an interesting Mega Man X shirt and-- much to our delight and surprise-- the Mega Man Legends design you see above, which is one of our personal favorites (with "Cut Man's Robot Round-Up" being a very close second).

To check out all six designs, click here. You can also pre-order two of the designs here and here.

Grab Your Kotobukiya Mega Mans from Capcom

If you've been looking forward to Kotobukiya's Mega Man model kits, but haven't felt like importing or would just rather they be Mega Man branded, you should head on over to the Capcom Store. They currently have Mega Man, Roll and Proto Man on pre-order, $29.95 each, and shipping on out in July. Of course I'm sure many other outlets are prepping them as well, but hey, this way you get them from Capcom!

Servbot Bobble Budds Coming to Capcom Store

A little while back, Capcom introduced a fun little Mega Man-themed toy: the Servbot Bobble Budd. Unfortunately only 1,000 were made for the Comic Con attendees to pick up. But if you were craving one before and couldn't get to the venue, worry not, Capcom will be stocking them in their own store in a week. The adorable Bobble Budds aren't just like your regular bobble head figure. They have adjustable arms, you can set the head to bobble or not bobble, and the body can be stored within its spherical head, for whatever need that may serve. Only 1,000 more were produced now, and they will go on sale August 12th for $9.95 US. You may preorder yours now, and may want to be quick - these are bound to go fast!

News Credit: Capcom Unity

Capcom Store cuts 10% for 10 days on MM goods

In honor of the announcement of Mega Man 10, and Mega Man's 22nd anniversary, the Capcom Store is cutting 10% from all their Mega Man goods for the next ten days. If you've been eying some Mega Man goods, or want to get a last minute gift for the Mega Man fan in your heart, here's a nice little deal. And what's that? What's with that banner? Why, could those be new Mega Man 10 Robot Masters!? Well, sort of. The image, and robots, are actually from MegaPhilX's Mega Man 10 fan game (which seems to be looking for a new name, now). Kind of an odd choice if you ask me, but also a little flattering, no?

Must admit though, I'm a little bummed those Mega Man 10 shirts aren't on the shop yet. I'd still pay full price for one, though!

News Credit: Adam