Rockman Solitaire Shuffles onto Capcom Mobile

A new minor Rockman game joins the keitai lifestyle on Capcom Mobile today: Rockman Solitaire. And its snazzy logo aside, the game is basically your standard version of Solitaire. The Flash-based game is free to play for all those already a member of Capcom Party (a ¥315 monthly fee). The game has no music and no sounds besides the button tones your mobile phone would produce; as I said, a very bare bones Solitaire game. To be honest, I did find it a bit difficult; maybe my Solitaire strategy sucks but I had to play six times before I could win.

Since most of you reading this will probably never have an opportunity to play Rockman Solitaire, I have included the game's dramatic ending after the break. Watch out for spoilers!

I will take a brief moment to editorialize on my general disappointment of the game. It's only "Rockman" Solitaire insofar as Rockman appears in it. No gimmicks or Rockman-themed elements were added to mix up the otherwise well known Solitaire formula.

Now you might think sure, it doesn't matter since it's supposed to be a simple time killer, and it's nice Capcom thinks of Mega Man at all. But honestly, this might as well have been Capcom Solitaire, with the ability to choose whatever franchise you like to theme the game to. If you're specifically going to make it Rockman Solitaire, it should have something "Rockmanish" about it. At least Rockman Sprite Logic was tied into the theme of Mega Man's sprite graphics.