Capcom SVP Acknowledges Fans, Door Still Shut on Kickstarter

Capcom’s Senior Vice-President of Planning and Business Development  Christian Svensson has publicly commented on the Facebook-based Get Me Off the Moon campaign to release Mega Man Legends 3. And after over a week of posts asking for recognition in the "Ask Capcom" forums, Svensson had this to say:

I've watched this thread for several days I'm not sure how to respond to this thread in any way that doesn't get misinterpreted and rebroadcast all across the net. As such, beyond this message with a little /nod to the guys who've displayed such passion and love, I'm not sure there's any "official" response I or anyone else can give you.

The Get Me Off the Moon campaign (now at nearly 85,000 members) acknowledged that this is in no way official encouragement or a sign of things to come. While an underwhelming response for eleven pages of requests for official recognition, it is not as if Svensson has been quiet about Mega Man Legends 3 in general. The same day he acknowledged the widespread desire for Legends 3, he reiterated Capcom's position on the use of Kickstarter, the crowd-funding website used to raise money for a variety of creative projects, which has sparked debate amongst fans:

I'm thrilled for Tim and the DF guys (chatted with a number of them at Dice about it last week) however I'm not convinced the positive response they received for the move would be the same for any publisher on any project.

So that's a longer way of saying that this isn't likely to be a path we'd be able to tread.

The idea of using Kickstarter to fund Legends 3 is nothing new, as Svensson has commented in the past during an interview with Game Informer:

Double Fine’s Kickstarter project is somewhat similar to the Mega Man Legends 3 project in that it allowed fans to offer input and see a project go through the development process.

I’m very happy for Tim [Schafer]. If anyone deserves that kind of love and support it’s certainly those guys. They make great content and I’m really happy they get to do that.

However, I think they’re one of the very few people that could pull this off and get that kind of support. They are a developer that doesn’t necessarily have the capital to self-fund so the need is there. And as a result people are happy to open their wallets and support them. I think that if a publisher that has capital were to try this, I don’t think the PR and fan reaction would be quite as positive.

I’m not saying there aren’t some people that would. I think there are loads of people for specific brands that would open their wallets to demonstrate support for any amount. I’m not convinced companies like EA, Activision, or Capcom could ask fans to fund dormant franchises. That’s a challenging prospect, I think.

Incidentally, Capcom's corporate website for old-fashioned indirect funding (i.e. stocks and other investment) features Mega Man characters (Rockboard?). The door may be shut on the use of Kickstarter, but it is always good to know that Capcom is aware the campaign to bring back Mega Man Legends 3 is still strong.

Tune in to Capcom Unity's Mega Man 3 Livestream Today for Kubrick Mega Man Prizes

At 3pm PT today, Capcom Unity is holding their monthly livestream with Mega Man 3, the common counterargument to Mega Man 2 for which NES Blue Bomber title is the best. And this month's contest is a unique one: as you watch the stream, you must make a note of each time they die and how. Do this, and you can win a set of Mega Man and Proto Man Kubrick/Bearbrick toy figures, as seen above (Magnet Man not included)!

For further details (such as the proper way to keep track), check out Brelston's post over on Capcom Unity.

Team Legends Comes Bearing Gifts for Capcom's Seth Killian

Despite the unfortunate mishap in interview scheduling at New York Comic-Con earlier in the weekend, there were apparently no hard feelings between Team Legends and Capcom's Seth Killian. Following the saxophone-driven fan march through the convention center to Capcom's booth, the group came bearing not pitchforks or torches, as some of you might have expected, but gifts:

T-shirts, stories from fans, and an enormous banner of pictures were presented to Killian to demonstrate the desire held by Mega Man Legends fans from not only the New York Comic-Con, but all over the world. The hope seems to be, with any luck, that these materials will be passed on to the higher-ups at Capcom, perhaps prompting a little Grinch-styled heart-growing.

In addition, Jake Hans of the 100,000 Strong for Mega Man Legends 3 Facebook Group says that they did finally get their interview, a whopping 20 minutes' worth, and that will be coming sometime tonight.

Great job, guys! We wish we could have been there to show our support in person, as it looks like it would have been a blast.

Capcom Unity's Team Legends Interview Goes Awry

Mega Man news has been a mixed bag as of late. When it comes to licensed products, things are great; in fact, depending on who you ask, some might even say things have never been better. But when it comes to news from the home of the franchise, Capcom, things have been a little... unsettling, for lack of a better term. We've been hoping to find more news from them that would be a little more upbeat, make fans a little happier, but so far, it has just not been happening.

With the New York Comic-Con in full swing, things were looking to get interesting as both Capcom and the 100,000 Strong for Mega Man Legends 3 movement are in attendance. In fact, it even seemed as though the former were ready to give the latter a little camera time to make their case on Capcom Unity's live stream.

According to a series of posts on the group's Facebook, Capcom's Seth Killian had set up an interview with Team Legends representative Dashe Troxon. As to how it went down...

Well, we don't want to accidentally skew this one way or the other, so we'll let Treleus give his account of what happened:

Apparently Seth Killian, the Capcom representative at NYCC scheduled to interview Dashe Troxon, representing NYCC Team Legends, at 5PM was tied up with a panel with Ono-san at exactly the same time without advance notice. As a result, Dashe ended up speaking with Brett, a newly appointed Capcom rep who was playing a livestream session [Street Fighter x Tekken] during the interview and had been hired only two months before.

Rather than Dashe being interviewed, it was Brett, who had little answers for her because the circumstances surrounding Legends 3's cancellation were before his time. Seems like an unfortunate case of the runaround, and it didn't turn out well for either fans of Legends 3 or fans of SF x T, finding themselves offended by each others' presence in the chatroom as fans of SF x T decried the interview and fans of Legends 3 defended themselves just to see the interview.

Speaking from our own personal experiences with Killian, we are inclined to believe this was an honest mistake. However, that doesn't make things look any better to others. There are still a couple of days left of the New York Comic-Con, and we really hope that Capcom is able to somehow make things right within that time.

You can check out the interview which did happen here, at the 1:11:21 mark.

And if anyone from Capcom (who we've reached out to, but with NYCC, who knows when they'll get it) should happen to be reading this and have something to add, we would love to hear it and share it with everyone else.

Capcom: "Mega Man is Still a Very Important Brand to Us"

During a recent video session of Ask Capcom, Senior Vice President Christian Svensson provided the following answer to one question that has been on many a Blue Bomber fan's mind: "Is Mega Man dead?" “Oh, absolutely not," he responded. "The frustrating thing for me is I have nothing I can hold up and say, ‘Oh, here’s this other Mega Man thing’. Absolutely, we have other things… Mega Man is a very important brand to Capcom. We get questions [like] ‘Are you guys trying to kill the brand?’"

“No, absolutely not," he continues. "It will continue to be a very important brand for us. I wish I had something I could hold and display for you that that’s the case, but I don’t right now. But super, super important to us; I do want to express that.”

So while this is very similar to what we have heard before on the matter, Svensson's words almost sound as though the company is already at work on another Mega Man project, but are simply not able to show anything yet. Perhaps that is for the best, considering how other recent projects shown early in (or at the start of) development turned out. In other words, maybe it's better we don't know until it's a sure thing.

And speaking of that recent controversy-igniting incident, Svensson had this to offer on the matter of Mega Man Legends 3's cancellation:

“The decision was not made lightly. Certainly, we knew there would be a lot of upset people and in spite of that, we still had to make that decision. That doesn’t mean we don’t care about you at all. I unfortunately can’t get into the details of it, but it was not a decision that was made lightly and I can tell you that no one is happy about that decision, but it was a decision that had to be made.”

One could still argue (and many do) that since we were supposed to be able to "see into the development process" with the Mega Man Legends 3 Project that we should have some sort of insight into why the decision was made, lightly or not. As it is, with no details to go on, it seems likely we can count on the fight to continue for the next part of MegaMan Volnutt's saga to continue.

Source: Siliconera, via GoNintendo

Gamasutra Examines Capcom's "Open-Door" Policy for Mega Man Legends 3

Fan participation in the creative process is nothing new to Capcom, as fans have been helping design Robot Masters and NetNavis for years. But with the rise of the Mega Man Legends 3 Project and Devroom, which allows fans and users to interact with the developers and participate in the creative process for the game more widely and directly, Capcom has broken new ground. But is it indeed effective, or is it a risky roll of the marketing dice? That is the question put forth at Gamasutra today by business editor Colin Campbell. In his article, he compares the techniques of "engagement" and "transparency" used by other companies through social media to that which has been employed by the Capcom Unity, and how this has given rise to the Mega Man Legends 3 Devroom:

Most games blogs are patronizing in tone, handing out information like a school-ma'am doling out candy to good little children. But Capcom's DevRoom treats its readers like adults and appears to be genuinely interested in feedback. It lacks the feverish clique-factor of so many forums.

I love this stuff. I work for a company that sells content to brands (we didn't work on Capcom-Unity). For me, companies are so obsessed with secrecy, so wedded to tired marketing techniques, that they fail to realize their most precious narrative assets -- their creative people, their fascinating processes and the possibilities of valuable relationships with the public. Alas, most social media campaigns cleave to the marketing techniques of the past.

Campbell adds that upon learning of the Devroom, he thought it was "a smart piece of marketing," but was less certain about the fans' part in all of this. To that end, he visited with Capcom's offices and spoke with Community Manager Joveth Gonzalez to learn more about how it is all coming together.

To see how things went down, check out the full article at Gamasutra!

Celebrate 10 Years of Mega Man Battle Network by Giving the Creators Your Questions

Last week, we here at The Mega Man Network celebrated ten years of Mega Man Battle Network with a few words and a glimpse back at some of what came over the course of those ten years. And today, Capcom has joined in the fun of celebrating their own franchise with what can only be described as a pleasant surprise. Capcom Unity has gotten together with Eguchi-san (former scenario staff member for Battle Network 1&2, as well as scenario leader for Battle Network 3-6) and Ishihara-san (who designed the characters for all six Battle Network games), and they are now taking your questions about the series. Following next week's Captivate event (which our own Heat Man will be attending, provided his legs hold out longer than Mega Man's), there will be another blog post with the questions selected as the best of the bunch answered.

Please carefully note that unlike our collaboration with Archie, this does not involve The Mega Man Network in any official capacity, and you need to make sure you leave your questions in their comments section. We'll let you know when they update with the answers.

The Abridged Tales of Mega Man Legends

Ever since LittleKuriboh introduced the world to Yu-gi-oh: The Abridged Series, numerous others have sought to duplicate his comedic efforts in just about anything to require voice dubbing (usually Japanese stuff). Dragon Ball Z, Digimon, and many others, perhaps too numerous to name, have been parodied by those who know not to take these things too seriously. And among them is Mega Man Legends Abridged, a more concise version of the events of the Mega Man Legends games, as lampooned by TauVerex and his crew. As Mega Man Legends 3 Project Liason Greg notes on Capcom Unity, the videos aren't new (in fact, they're apparently already up to Mega Man Legends 2). Things start a little slow, but pick up more in the second episode, which is as far as we've seen so far (my personal favorite is the dog who relentlessly pursues Tron to sign his petition for a new "Giga Guy Myths" game, which hasn't seen a new installment since the developer started making "Combat Nexus" games).

You can check out the first part here:

From there, if you're interested in watching more (again, we recommend checking out the second episode before deciding), you can find the rest on TauVerex's YouTube channel.

Be Sure to Catch Mega Man Legends Game Club #4 Today!

Well... this is a touch awkward. Somewhere between the second Mega Man Legends Game Club and today, Capcom Unity held a third installment, which you can still view here. And today, they will be filming the fourth episode on Ustream at 3:00-4:00pm Pacific Standard Time, or 6:00-7:00pm Eastern Standard Time. As before, you can tune in here and either help or heckle Greg, the Mega Man Legends 3 Project Liason as he attempts to thwart the Bonnes' mischievous schemes and uncover the hidden secrets of Kattelox Island.

Be Sure to Catch Mega Man Legends Game Club #2 Today!

Last week, Capcom Unity began holding a Mega Man Legends Game Club on Ustream, as Greg from the Mega Man Legends 3 Devroom and Snow went through the first hour of the game. And though the Devroom may currently be on hiatus following the recent events in Japan, Greg has announced that they will proceed with the second session today, on Friday, March 18th, from 3pm to 4pm PST. You can tune in here, as well as "chime in with tips, pointers, and all the heckling you can muster" through the live chat.

Mega Man Legends 3 Devroom Digest

There is much hustle and bustle within Capcom's special Mega Man Legends 3 Project Devroom, and between judging contests, reflecting on what once was, pondering what we hope one day will be, and other fun stuff... well, a few things have slipped through the cracks. But fear not! For those of you who have not been adhering to your daily Servbot duties, we present the following Devroom Digest of happenings for you to delve into. Since the winning Reaverbot design was announced:

  • Kinako spent some time with Director Eguchi, perhaps better known to some as "Mr. Famous." That's right, the same guy from the Mega Man Battle Network series. And yes, he really does dress the way you see in the image at right-- click and see for yourselves!

    Interestingly enough, part of what he was doing on this day was trying to sell people from Capcom's "upper tier" on the game, something which he was nervous about. On top of that, there was a bit of a slight mishap, which you can read about in part three, and on to the meeting itself in part four (featuring an official's reaction to Eguchi's attire). They even show off the game to the officials in part five, but since we are not allowed to see it, the game has been covered by Servbot heads.

  • A second edition of "A Zenny for Your Thoughts" comes to a close with a winner, as participants pondered why our favorite "Blue Boy" is called "MegaMan."
  • Have you felt that despite the participation of fans, there is still a bit of a barrier between the Mega Man Legends 3 Development team and the Devroom users? It seems that Director Eguchi (and one of his seniors) feel the same way, and are declaring their resolve to set this right, and make the Devroom Project something truly unique and unprecedented.
  • Greg reports in to notify us of a Devroom Prizing Event, where Devroom users can suggest prizes for future Devroom contests. And that itself has become a contest, with the winner receiving a Servbot Bobble Budd!
  • Here, they continue their look at the process and progress of recording the lines for Legends' newest heroine, Aero! In addition to the Japanese side of things, they also delve into some Q&A about the English version.
  • One of the programmers, Fujikawa, posted an updated on what they've been doing. And this update is full of intrigue, as he attempts to "just push the boundaries of disclosure, at the risk of being censored." And indeed he was! Click the link to take a stab at guessing what Capcom is covering up.

And that's all she-- er, they wrote! Whew! Not bad for the course of one week.

Aero Update, and More on Devroom Recruitment Video

When we last looked in on the creation of the fan-chosen third Legends girl Aero, her character model had just begun to take form as Capcom's developers worked towards making her appear like the illustration fans voted for.

As you can see in the images above, there has been progress: she now has a face! And bangs, too, among other features.

Over on Capcom Unity, Koike-san gives a detailed progress report, noting that she is still quite a ways from resembling her concept art, but "rest assured, we’re just getting started here!"

Days four through seven are covered, with her eyes, goggles, chaps, and shoulders all receiving a bit of work. Plus, you too can learn about UV Mapping, which helps in the application of detail for her outfit.

Elsewhere, Legends 3 Director Mazakazu Eguchi has updated his blog with a post which further details the promotional trailer we were privy to earlier.

Among other things, he talks about the decision to produce the video, which began in early December and took around three weeks to assemble:

Appointed to this hefty responsibility was our Assistant Producer, Tomita-san, who immediately called for a strategic meeting. He, Art Director Ishihara-san, and I quickly congregated in the meeting room.

. . . What was to go in this video? Short on time, we had to decide, and fast. Plus, with the entire development staff's schedules stuffed to the brim, there was no time to create brand new video content. . . .

"In that case, get some actors in here and we'll do a live action thing!"

"Who's gonna fund that little venture?!"

"Then I, Eguchi, shall do the acting!"

"Since when did you have that kinda time?"

We bickered like that for about an hour before we finally pinned down some sense of direction.

Eguchi also reveals that the seeming overabundance of information was a deliberate decision, one that would hopefully encourage fans viewing it to watch it repeatedly to get everything out of it.

(Clearly, they didn't count on our own Heat Man screencapping and analyzing it...)

With that said, has the video helped to increase your excitement for the upcoming game, and perhaps to participate further in its development?

North American Devroom Open! Get Your Servbot Number!

Just as we reported yesterday, the Mega Man Legends 3 Devroom is officially open for business. And better still, the North American side is now open as well! This means you can step right up here and claim your very own official Servbot number! Of course, since the first 41 are taken in-story, the numbering begins at 42 and goes up from there.

When you open the page, you should see the faint image of a Servbot on the left-hand side of the screen with a tag inviting you to sign up. Note, however, that if you have NoScript, and perhaps some other such programs turned on, the Servbot may not appear, and you'll need to give Capcom Unity clearance before you can join the legion.

This is Servbot #66, signing off!

Edit from Heat: The Devroom is now officially up and running! Go get started! Also, happy birthday, Meijin-san!

Edit from LBD: Some people have been having difficulty getting their Servbot numbers; we and Capcom hope that this helps clear things up and moves things along.

Do You Smell What The Rock(man) is Cookin'?

Okay, so this actually has nothing to do with famed former WWE Superstar Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, though given the recent announcement of his inclusion in the upcoming Transformers: Prime cartoon as Cliffjumper, it does leave one to wonder what kind of role he might be well-suited for in the world of Mega Man. Anyway, while this post does not actually have anything to do with The Rock, it does involve pro-wrestlers at Capcom in Japan showing love for the Blue Bomber, so that's close enough to justify the reference... right?

Over on Capcom Unity, they tell of a recent visit paid to their Shinjuku offices by wrestlers Kenny Omega of Canada and Japan's own Kota Ibushita. And as you can see, the two are big fans of "The Rock(man)," even going so far as to pose with the Blue Bomber and some Servbots with their IWGP title belts:


What's more, Rockman community manager Uchida-san, who courteously showed the two around, passed along the following:

Kenny loves Capcom games so much, in particular MM, that he uses Dr. Willy Stage from MM2 as his theme song. I believe there are lots of WWE fans in the US (as I am), and wanted to share this news with you.

While we could not find an actual video of Kenny Omega making his entrance, it would seem that this is the version of the-- *ahem*-- "Willy" stage theme used.

In addition, Uchida-san asked "Do you know a MM cover band called Mini Bosses? Kenny told me about them and that he is a big fan of them."

As it turns out, though, Mega Man isn't the only touch of Capcom Kenny Omega adds to his matches; he is also known for incorporating "Hadokens," as well as Zangief's Ultra move from Street Fighter.

And, for anyone else who watches World Wrestling Entertainment on a regular basis, here's an amusing bit from an independent show featuring Kenny Omega and "American Dragon" Daniel Bryan (aka Brian Danielson):

Mega Man Legends 3 Web Planner Talks Devroom

Since the announcement of the Mega Man Legends 3 Project, one of the most frequently cited initiatives being taken by Capcom is the Devroom, wherein the creative team will collaborate with the series' fans in order to (hopefully) create a most welcome entry.

Today, Director Mazakazu Eguchi introduces us to the Mega Man Legends 3 Web Planner, Kinako Ikawa, who some may recognize from her work on the Japanese Nintendo DS exclusive, Rockman EXE Operate Shooting Star.

The grand opening of the Devroom will be announced soon, with the above pic shown to give an idea of how things are shaping up. Jgonzo notes that this is how the Japanese room will look, with the possibility of a different-looking room for North America.

From Kinako:

You’re probably wondering what a lot of this stuff is...

The rocket you see over there on the right... Could that be the one they’re planning to use to rescue Mega Man?

When you visit the Devroom for the first time...The first thing you’ll see is...!

The second big event following the “New Heroine Design Contest”, which we’re calling... Oh my...!

...Oh shoot! I almost spilled the beans on some super top-secret information. We’ll give you more information when you get inside the Devroom!

...Ohh, I want to tell you so bad! But, I can’t...! All I can tell you is that it is very exciting...!

Teases aside, those who plan on signing up will be happy to learn that they will each be assigned their very own Servbot Number. Plus, goodies such as limited-edition wallpapers will be available for members.

And as announced previously, the reveal of the final design of Legends 3's new heroine will be revealed coinciding with the opening of the Devroom. Plus, more members of the development team will be revealed.

For Kinako's full blog post, check out Capcom Unity.

The Legends 3 Team Offers Reassurance Following Inafune's Departure

The departure of Keiji Inafune from Capcom has caused quite a stir lately, as people wonder what will become of their favorite franchises-- particularly those with which Inafune himself had close involvement. Mega Man Legends 3, for example. Capcom has attempted to quell the panic, but perhaps their efforts were not enough. In any case, some new word on the topic has come from within Capcom, this time from the Legends 3 development team itself:

From all of us here on Mega Man Legends development team,

We realize that events of the past few days have given many of you great cause for concern, and we apologize for taking so long to get back to you.

We have been reading all of your comments from the past few days, many of them expressions of anxiety and many of encouragement.

Honestly, though many of us are still a little dazed and confused about all of this, the “can-do” fire inside us is still burning as hot as ever!

Not only will the dev team continue on with Legends 3 Project, we will push forward even harder than before to complete Mega Man Legends 3!

And just like up until now, we hope that you will continue to help the Legends 3 Project grow.

Together, let’s make the best Mega Man Legends ever!

In addition, they promise that their next post will yield further details regarding their new "powered-up" Devroom community.

And for those who may have forgotten, Inafune's departure does not leave the team short on people with experience regarding the series, and the new Legends appears to be in good, capable hands. Just the same, as Inafune said in his interview, we may yet see how much of the franchise's success correlates with his presence.

Source: Capcom Unity

Inafune's Massive Interview

There has been quite a bit of shock throughout the video game media and Mega Man fandom alike as Keiji Inafune announced his retirement from Capcom last week, leaving many to wonder what would become of the beloved franchise. Of course, while the announcement came as something of a surprise to many of us (foreshadowing notwithstanding), it was less so for Inafune's colleagues within Capcom. In fact, he had given an interview to Japanese gaming website prior, one which they refrained from publishing until Inafune was ready to make his announcement.

(And speaking of the announcement, Kotaku reports that the entire blog in which Inafune made his announcement came to an end on November 1st, meaning that the post is no longer there.)

In the time since the interview was posted, NeoGAF member Cheesemeister has taken the liberty of translating the impressively lengthy interview. He warns that the translation may not be perfect, however.

Following are some random, yet noteworthy excerpts from the interview, courtesy of GoNintendo:

KI: Even when I submitted my letter of resignation, nobody contacted me about it. (laughs) There should've been a, "Hey Inafune, do you have some time?" or, "What do you mean by this? I want to hear it straight from you." Nothing. Zero.


KI: No. Not a single member of the board of directors understands games. I didn't ask to be a board member, but if you don't have someone who understands games in the position of making those final decisions, there winds up being a business-side that doesn't understand games and development-side that wants to make games. I feel that's the biggest problem Capcom will be facing.

4G: So what are the cons of using western developers?

KI: First, you can't just leave them alone. Even with technical skills, they often lack adequate ideas and concepts for utilizing those skills. That's exactly why I'm such a good match for them. (laughs) They don't have to be a top-notch development studio. I just want to work with a team that has good potential and a positive work attitude.

KI: So if I can, I want to change the Japanese game industry. I don't want to abandon it. After I leave Capcom, I don't want to, for example, just work for EA, Activision, and Rockstar. That would be abandoning Japan.

4G: So if you want to save Capcom, you can continue working on that even after leaving. It seems like there are a lot of people like that.

KI: That's absolutely right. So told Capcom that I'm leaving to start my own company, while still contracting with them, continuing with titles already underway and follow through with their plans. If that was acceptable, I wouldn't be able to work with any other publishers, but I'd have been able to finish what I'd started. However, that wasn't possible. I was told, "That won't be necessary."

With that last comment, it sounds as though Inafune did wish to continue in some capacity with the projects he had recently been involved in, but Capcom felt otherwise.

Some more excerpts:

4G: Why is that kind of environment necessary in order to aim for a global market?

KI: Because that's what the market demands. Japan's game share is only 10 percent. The numbers tell the story. As long as you're making high-budget games, which you can't finish overnight, the only way to make any income is by selling overseas.

However, no Japanese games other than Nintendo's get into the top 50 on the sales charts. So I absolutely want to make Japanese games accepted on a global scale; that's my mission.

4G: People have tended to interpret that as you abandoning Japan in favor of making titles for the global market.

KI: That's not true. (laughs) As long as I'm Japanese, the games I make will all be Japanese games. So when they sell globally, that's helping to save the Japanese game industry. It's not a matter of selling games in Japan for Japan or selling games in America for America. Dead Rising is a Japanese game made in Canada. It's not a western game.

4G: One can recognize the appeal of external developers, but why western? There must be a reason besides cost.

KI: Because of their superiority.

4G: Technically?

KI: Yes. They're also far and away more passionate. That's one big reason. As stated before in regards to IPOs, western developers are far more fragmented than in Japan; the lower tiers of western developers, I hate to say, are slaves. In an environment where it's not unusual to get laid off, you have to do you work well, and make an effort to get noticed, they've made advances.

Naturally, as this is The Mega Man Network, we felt it only right to see if he shared any other thoughts regarding Rockman/Mega Man.

Following from his wish to continue contracting with them above:

4G: I see... Although I don't know the details of that refusal, it might result in some of the titles already underway not ever seeing the light of day.

KI: That's possible.

4G: I wonder if Rockman DASH 3 will be okay...

KI: Looking at the timing, the team members, and the planning done, Rockman DASH 3 is finally on its way. I really didn't want to quit right now... But I can't do it anymore. My will to continue has run out. That's why I had to leave Capcom and strengthen my resolve, as I wanted to help finish working on it from the outside but was unable to.

4G: As you mentioned before, if Rockman sells because Inafune made it, it won't make it out. But if Rockman sells because it's Rockman, the project will survive.

KI: That's exactly right.

For Capcom, it doesn't matter whether a game has the Inafune brand or is made by some anonymous producer. That's ultimately why I made the decision to leave. It's sad to leave, proving that point. It was really sad.

Regarding criticism:

KI: Oh, right. I've always wanted to do movies, asking everyone I talk to, "How about a movie?" but getting told, "I'd also like to, but I'm busy."

I was busy too, but I did it. What's different is maybe that I'm more worried about criticism. You need to be able to accept a certain amount of criticism, but you can't worry about it too much. The reason why everyone keeps making the same titles is that if they're the same titles, they won't be criticized. If I had only made Rockman, I probably wouldn't have been so criticized.

If it's a brand-new game, isn't there always the worry that it may fail or not be well received? Not just games, but also new genres of movies face the same thing.

On being "Keiji Inafune from Capcom:"

4G: But as for the problem of developers turning into salarymen, it must've been pretty difficult in such an environment. You couldn't really change things from the inside.

KI: Right. That's one reason, the problem of management ranks pushing that direction. Numbers, numbers, and more numbers. And one more big problem: the nonchalant way people lived depending on that direction being pushed.

4G: So if you yourself can show by example that it doesn't have to be that way, things will gradually begin to change.

KI: Yes. Like I said before, even I, inside a big publisher like Capcom, within a big umbrella, completely shielded from the rain, couldn't just say this or that. So if I left that umbrella and gave up being a salaryman, I could really try and show my own strengths.

4G: So you could win or lose personally, as Keiji Inafune.

KI: Up until now, for better or worse, I couldn't go beyond being "Inafune from Capcom." That was a rather large problem, and I also experienced awhile ago that when the results were good, it was thanks to Capcom, thanks to Rockman. It wasn't just in the company saying so, but all of the players as well. (laughs) Capcom, you know, Rockman, you know. But when it was bad, of course it was, "What are you doing, Inafune? Don't screw it up!" This too, was said both by people in the company and by players. (laughs)

4G: But isn't that the case with any product from a big IP made by a big company? In the case of Final Fantasy, if it sells it's thanks to the IP, and if not, it's the makers' fault.

KI: That's right. That's exactly why I want to prove that something can sell because it was made by Keiji Inafune.

4G: Proving that should be easy.

KI: Yeah. After I leave Capcom, if a Biohazard or Rockman title doesn't sell, there's the proof. Time goes by very quickly, but in maybe 3 years or so... I can't really say, maybe sooner than that, I'd like to have my proof.

There is much, much more to the interview, and you can find the full translation here at NeoGAF.

Mega Man Legends 3 Project Director Introduces the Staff

Following the initial announcement of Mega Man Legends 3 last week, some people have expressed some concerns about the project, as relatively little is known about it thus far. One such concern has been about who exactly would be on board developing this title. Fortunately, that question has been answered (at least in part) today by director Masakazu Eguchi (pictured at right... sort of). Over on Capcom Unity, they've posted a translation of the developer blog which introduces the staff members. And so far, it seems so good-- at least, if you're hoping for some series veterans to be taking the reins on this one.

For starters, fans of the series should already be familiar with director Eguchi's work. In addition to directing Legends 2, he also worked as a planner on such sections as the Nino Island Ruins, Calinca Ruins, and Pirate Train missions.

He also notes he was "still a freshman" at the time, and there were things that he wanted to do in Legends 2, but didn't. Following that title, he kept the ideas in the back of his mind while working on the Battle Network and Star Force titles until the time came that he would be able to use them.

Of course, Eguchi is not the only familiar face. Yoshinori Kawano, who directed both of the previous Legends titles is also returning to oversee the overall project, offering insight to the rest of the staff about what makes Legends the "legend" it is.

Eguchi continues:

Also, we have reunited art directors, planners, designers from the early Legends titles as well as enlisted support from their students, the members EXE and Star Force teams. To top it off, we’ve sprinkles in leaders and key staff from the Monster Hunter, Lost Planet, and Basara titles. I think that it is safe to say that we have put together a team of talent who will best be able to combine the best of both old and new for this project.

He continues by saying that they will do their best to provide an unforgettable adventure, one which-- with our help-- will draw in new players to the series along with the old.

Eguchi will elaborate on that last point at another time, but it appears he has other, more pressing matters to attend to, as he points out that the New York Comic-Con will be this weekend. And as we already know, Capcom will be in attendance, hopefully with something new for us to sink our teeth into.

Capcom is Hitting the Big Apple with Mega Man Universe

Comic-Con is coming to New York City from October 8th to 10th, and among numerous others, Capcom is going to be there! What's more, they will be hosting their own panel, which GoNintendo details as follows:

World of CAPCOM 2010 and BeyondDate: Sunday, October 10 Time: 12:15 pm - 1:15 pm Location: Room 1A21 Speaker: TBA Track: NYCC/NYAF Panels Description: Trailers and inside info on all the hot, upcoming games from Capcom – Marvel VS Capcom 3, Dead Rising 2, Sengoku Basara: Samurai Heroes, Ghost Trick, Okamiden, Resident Evil 5: Gold Edition Move, Bionic Commando Rearmed 2, Mega Man Universe, and more.

More, indeed.

In addition, Protodude reminds us that it was at the San Diego Comic-Con a short time ago that Keiji Inafune dropped word of an "oft-requested title" being in development; could New York bring similar info?

In addition, there isn't word on whether or not Mega Man Universe will be playable at the event, but following the availability of a demo at the Tokyo Game Show, it doesn't seem too unlikely.

Stay tuned to The Mega Man Network, as we'll be keeping a close eye on the show for the latest from the world of the Blue Bomber. We're sure you won't want to miss it.