The news article that Bright Man doesn't want you to read!

I know Bright Man very well. He was the first boss I managed to conquer in Mega Man 4. I don't recall what burned within me to take him down first, but that was my goal. It was fairly easy going, until he unfurled that blasted Flash Stopper. If you were lucky he'd just shoot you while you were frozen, but more likely he'd smash you with that huge butt of his. If only there were a way to avoid that altogether.

Curiously, it appears there is. Roughly 18 years after the game originally came out, someone has discovered a trick. It summarize, Bright Man is programmed to use his Flash Stopper at specific points in his health. These are points you're bound to hit using Rain Flush against him, because they're multiples of four. But circumventing these point spots, you can defeat Bright Man without worrying about a single flash.

The above video goes to greater lengths to explain and demonstrate the trick. All in all it's pretty interesting.

So now, so many years later, we learn Top Spin doesn't suck and Bright Man's flash stopping mayhem can be foiled. What's next?

News Credit: GoNintendo