You Are Dr. Wily!

That's how this advertisement for Rockman 2's boss contest sells itself. This apparently comes from a pretty old issue of Family Computer Magazine. Most of the text just tells the story of Rockman, questions what Dr. Wily's true form really is, promises some huge sized bosses, and uses the original game's boss characters to imply it could be YOUR bosses in the game.

Some interesting things to note. First, it doesn't actually say how many bosses they are recruiting for, at least as far as I can see on the page, so kids at the time might have suspected it to still be six (edit: it actually does mention eight bosses in the small text). Second, the game already has an established release date for December. The entry deadline itself is July 31st of that year. This means Keiji and crew had around four months to decide, design and program all eight bosses before the game came out! Finally, the logo seems to be a prototype design, with different coloration.

News credit via Protodude's Rockman Corner. Image credit via tin*1*rider.

Legends 3 Project #2: Design a Bonne Mecha!

Update: Full details now at Capcom Unity. Check it out! Before the Legends 3 devroom kicks off, another project has come along to undertake. This time, fans will be able to design and submit their ideas for a Bonne family mecha. The Devroom blog on Capcom of Japan has lots of details on this endeavor. First of all, they provide images of previous Bonne mecha to give you an idea of what the designs are like.

However, unlike other boss contests where you can design whatever comes to mind, there is a certain direction intended for this one, which is presented in a 4 page packet. The first page describes the scene of the battle, where you imagine yourself deep in a ruin that has a strong feeling of danger. As you try to grab the treasure, however, the Bonne family suddenly comes crashing through the ceiling in their mecha to attack you!

The following pages provide an above view of the room, and coming in from the right, the treasure is below and there's a door above. Ishihara provides a visual idea of the ruin, saying it has an environment like the Lake Jyun subgate from the first Legends. It's a damp and gloomy ruin, which seems to have water pouring out from the sides and puddles all around. The Bonnes crash through this ceiling, but this activates a trap in the ruin, causing the whole ceiling to start coming down. While this is all going on, the floor suddenly starts to rise. This leads to a moment of humor with the Bonnes, with Tron yelling to close the hatch. The mecha is unable to attack here. But it will use the water to move to a proper battlefield, as water is pouring in from the hole in the ceiling.

Eguchi adds a little image of Servbots synchronized swimming... This seems nonsensical, but there is an implication that the Servbots will be used in the battle somehow, a la Legends 2. However, there will of course be entirely new actions and abilities in this. As advice, Eguchi says the most important thing is to consider the experience you want as a player, and to consider the Bonnes' operations. Also, if you have trouble describing the concept details with words, describe it with images. Further down in the post, there are dossiers of the Bonne family to acquaint people new to the series with them.

It's sure to be a tough competition, but it will be worth it as well, since the winner will get their name in the credits! Also, people whose ideas are selected will be awarded "Devroom Zenny," though what exactly this is will be explained later. (If you like you can check our articles as well: Tron Bonne, Teisel Bonne, Bon Bonne, Servbot)

Well folks, start thinking of those designs! Though before you start drawing something out, be sure to check by Capcom Unity for their reciprocal post on the matter, which will certainly have many more details than here. Additionally, there so far seems to be no means to submit designs, but I suspect this will be resolved with the opening of the Devroom.

Rockman 3: The Early Years

We've heard Mega Man creator discuss how Mega Man 3 is one of his least-favorite games in the series, due mainly to the team's inability to do everything with it that they had hoped before the product had to ship. Nonetheless, development of the title still saw some interesting changes from its early stages to the final product.

Your Weekly Famicom has images and information from the early goings of Rockman 3, including some interesting rarely-seen screenshots and information about the title. Big Snakeys with a more metallic body, ringed planets decorating the background of Gemini Man's stage, a different background for Top Man's stage, and the Rush Drill are some of what the article reveals as the clock is turned back and we see what might have been before what came to be. And fortunately, site owner Chris Covell has taken the liberty of providing a mostly-translated .pdf version to make the experience more enjoyable.

Oh, and there's one other image of note, in case anyone was wondering what 50,000 Robot Master contest entries look like.

There are also other such features, looking at early shots of Ninja Gaiden and Top Secret, the game which would go on to gain greater fame in the West as Bionic Commando. Check them all out here.

CoroCoro Update - little else, really

clockgeniusA few days ago we broke the story of Clock Genius announced as the winner of the Rockman boss character contest held in CoroCoro. However, the image that accompanied the news was small and a little hard to make out. However, we've now gotten word from MMN viewer Fireman, who picked up the issue himself! And... there really isn't too much to add. Only the Clock Genius entry was shown, not the completed official artwork by Capcom. Furthermore, Clock was merely relegated to a small part of the page, the rest of the page covered Ryuusei no Rockman 3 news (which may answer the wonderment some had with what looked like Rockman appearing in the BG). According to Fireman, in fact, there's nothing in this issue that would even indicate next month's issue will have any information on a new Rockman game, but of course that doesn't mean it won't. Incidentally, if you were someone who applied to the contest, I may have some bad news for you (unless you're Japanese). Only one USA entrant made it as a runner up, and may be the only foreign entrant to place. The lucky guy is one Lou Smith. Unfortunately they didn't show pictures of any of the runner ups, so I don't know what the entry was. But if you're reading this, Lou, major congrats to you. You may win a minor prize.

CoroCoro Boss Contest Winner: Clock Genius

clockgeniusIt appears the winner of CoroCoro boss character contest held earlier thisyear has been revealed on 2ch, a character known as Clock Genius, created by one Gotou-san. Details are of course scarce, since our only lead is the included image. However, from the sounds of things, the new Rockman game this Clock Genius will appear in is still undecided, or at least unannounced. Nevertheless it does seem to be fairly Star Force styled, especially when you consider there is a clock constellation: Horologium. We will updated you with details as we receive them.

Call for Coro Coro Entries and a Fan Art Reminder

Just a reminder, because I keep getting emails about it. You get a fanart gallery throught the FORUM. Thus, I want people to PM me on the forums when they have a user name, so it is easier on me, and doesn't clog my inbox. So stop emailing me. Email is for WGA only now. I've opened up a contest section on the TMMN galleries now. The first section? Coro Coro Boss Contest 2009. So I'm asking for entries that you've done. Even if you didn't have the money, and didn't ship them off to Tokyo, I'd still like to post them.

Please include your name, your character's name, and which Rockman series your boss belongs to, and then fling the whole thing my way either by PMing me on the forums, or by tossing me an email at thetabbers at

We'd love to see your entries! Mine looks too lonely in the section all by itself.

Boss contest reminder

The CoroCoro Rockman boss character contest will be coming to a close on February 13th, the Friday after next. If you've still been meaning to enter, it's crunch time now. You'll definitely want at least a week to for it to send, but you should consult your local post office foremost. Remember though, your odds of winning are very slim unless you happen to live in Japan, so there's not much point in spending a ton of money on top-class expedited postage. If you're still interested in entering, you can check out our original post for the details on entering. And hey, if you want to share, we'd love to see your entries. We may even display them in our gallery if that suits you. For an example, here's our own Tabby's entry of an X series Maverick: Serpentine Nagabra.