Our Efforts for MML3 Begin to Show

Here is a "before and after" of the winning Bonne mecha boss design, presently named "Donner Wels." This was the first really significant Devroom event we got to participate in, and now we're getting to see how it's been implemented into the game itself. Just goes to show how our efforts are affecting the game! You can read more about the mecha, and the lengths the devs went through to make sure it worked just right from Shingu-san over at the Devroom blog. Definitely an interesting read, and definitely cool to start seeing our work show up in the final product!

Hurry Up with Those Bonne Mecha Designs!

If you've been planning on submitting a Bonne mecha design for Mega Man Legends 3, and potentially becoming part of the game's staff, you're about out of time! Remember that the deadline for submissions is this Monday, the 29th, at 11:59PM PST. You can head over to the contest page at the MML3 Devroom for all the details on how to propose your design, and how to enter. Get a move on, because the deadline isn't getting any further! ...Oh man! I still need to create my design!!