Bon Bonne Figure Released

We've seen plenty of pictures of this awesome figure and now it's finally up for release! Check out the email below from Score and Owl.

Hey everybody, Score and Owl here with big news! For starters we've just posted our first video on our new official YouTube channel Please subscribe and comment on the videos, as we absolutely want all the feedback we can get!Now second and definitely more exciting we're finally releasing our third fully articulated figure, Bon Bonne! This one is the handy work of Owl, and there absolutely no figure representation of this character besides this one. Over the past month or so we've been showing off some pictures of him and he's finally going up.... tonight! As usual we're only posting a small batch at a time, and there's no official schedule for when the next batch will be posted so swipe him up while you can!

Because each of our figures is such an intense little labor of love, Bon will be sent out a month or so from the purchase date, though sometimes things go swimmingly enough that we can send our figures out even sooner than that. Be sure to read his description if you have any questions about the figure, and if you still have questions go ahead and message us and we'll do our best to answer them.
P.S. Note that for those of you that had placed orders in May or June know that you'll be recieving your item or figure within the month of July if it hasn't been sent out already. As always thanks for supporting our work and being patient for your orders. We hope to one day have a back stock of figures and item so we can ship them out the same week you order :)
You can order the figures on their blog here.