Mega Ran's Latest Track is Da Bomb

Yeah that was too easy, but BD would be proud. Anyway, Random, aka Mega Ran, has a new track out: "Take Your Turn," based off Bomb Man's theme. The track is a look back at Mega Ran's beginnings; appropriate that he's ringing in his own 5th anniversary album, which this track is a part of. You can grab it digitally or in a special edition box set - though I hear the latter is going quickly, so don't dawdle!

In the meantime, Ran has also made the single "Take Your Turn" available for free download. If you listen carefully, you might catch a reference to an old website. Warmed my heart a little, it did.

Mega Ran, The Megas, Reika Morishita, E Cans, arranged albums... this is really becoming the year for Mega Man music. In spite of all else, I'm loving it.