Whistle a Tune Along with Your Own Proto Man Plush

52525Looks like GE Animation is continuing to roll out the Mega Man merchandise. Next up on their list: A plush. And not just any plush. It's the lone robot himself, Proto Man! No word on price as of yet, but AAAnime's site lists the release date as October.

I'll just be over here making grabby hands. I wonder if he comes with a little shield sewn onto the back?

Source: Protodude and GE Animation

Start Singing the Blues with This Battle Network Remix

Hey, who remembers Mega Man Battle Network? Psyguy does, and he's created a remix of the theme for ProtoMan.EXE (aka Blues.EXE) from the series (or Rockman.EXE 4.5: Real Operation, at least), and you can give it a listen over on Newgrounds. Of course, since it's basically a remix of Proto Man's theme from the Classic series anyway, you can just sort of pretend it's for him if you want.

Thanks for the tip, J.D.!

New Mega Man Comic Interview with Ian Flynn in Nintendo Power

Attention, Mega Fans! ...well, those of you who enjoy the Archie Mega Man comic, first and foremost. The new April issue of Nintendo Power magazine (volume 277 features a terrific three-page interview with none other than writer Ian Flynn, as he addresses a number of topics regarding the brief past, promising present, and potential future for the book. One point of interest is the issue of pacing, as fitting all of the story, Robot Master encounters, and Wily showdowns into a span of four issues has meant that the pace is brisk. When asked about the possibility of expanding as necessary, Flynn said "It's something we're definitely aware of and considering. The four-issue format allows us to produce the trade paperbacks at a quick and affordable rate, and we want as many people to enjoy this series as possible.

"But like you said, four issues and eight Robot Masters (plus a Wily Castle) makes for some quick pacing. We'll be messing around with that formula in "Year Two." It's still a very new series, and so it's open to experimentation."

Other items brought up include a "new villainous force," the type of timeline Flynn plans to run with ("a different-- but loyal-- retelling of the game stories"), why the inclusion of original arcs between the games, why Pharaoh Man has such a big part in the next arc, the difference and preference between original stories and adaptations, original characters, Blues/Proto Man/Break Man, favorite Robot Masters, Mega Man's Soccer, and more. Plus, the interview features some previously-unseen lineart for pages from upcoming issues, and even a design sketch of Tempo, aka Quake Woman, who sports a nifty drill arm and is seen in and out of her armor.

Other points of interest include the Thunder Beam winning the poll for "Best Weapon" from the original Mega Man, a shot of D-Arts' armored X and Zero in the Collector's Corner, and another interview-- this time with Hironobu Takeshita, the Producer for Mega Man 9 and 10. Oh, and there's also a nifty review of Dillon's Rolling Western... what's that have to do with anything? Oh, well, you know... *whistles innocently*

The new issue of Nintendo Power will hit newsstands on April 3rd; just look for the cover seen at the top of the article, featuring exclusive coverage of Epic Mickey 2.

Rockman Mini Figures Close Up, and Import Solutions

Just a couple more details to throw at you for the latest announced Rockman toy that eeeeeverybody's gotta have. First of all, MegaHouse has updated their own site with extremely high res images of each of the figures (save for the secret one). To be honest, they're definitely not so immaculate looking this up close. But of course they are small little trinkets that aren't meant to be held right up next to your eye. So if that doesn't bother you, Amiami already has pre-orders going for the box set, which is probably the only way these will be sold online. But it's only ¥3,640 ($43.90 US) after a nice discount, and it saves you the hassle of getting duplicates.

MegaHouse Releasing Rockman Figure Line

The toys, the toys, the toys. They just keep coming! This time figure manufacturer MegaHouse is jumping in on the action, and plans to release a Rockman themed lined of their "Game Characters Collection Mini" series. You can see an example of the line here. A total of 12 are being produced for this series, including Rockman, Roll, Blues, Robot Masters and color variations representing boss weapons. There will also be an E Can bonus item. Each figure will be roughly 30mm in height. The line is expected to launch in Japan in the middle of June, and run ¥399 per figure (roughly $4.82 US). While not explicitly mentioned, there's a good likelihood that these are trading figures, meaning you can only buy random figures unless you pick up a whole complete set. This is how MegaHouse has released other figures in the same series, like Persona 3 & 4. Pre-order details should be announced soon. (Thanks to Jonathan of Tomopop for the insight.)

Update: A listing at Happinet Online has revealed the entire set, which includes Elec Man, Air Man (can't beat 'im), Snake Man and Skull Man, as well as the respective special weapon colorings for Mega Man. The 12th figure is a secret figure, although it appears to be just Rock without his armor. The box set will be available for ¥4788 (roughly $57.81 US) but many online retailers will probably have a pre-order discount. They're certainly cute, and give an idea what MMPU might have been like if it carried on.

News Credit: CAP Kobun's Daletto Blog (Image via Protodude's Rockman Corner)

At Long Last, the Valentines Blues Winners

Folks, I gotta get something off my chest. I love these contests we do, but I find it harder and harder to settle on winners with each one. It seems like each time we get more entries, more passion. And frankly, the response to this contest blew all of us away. I feel like we could have offered more. And if we keep getting strong responses like this, we just may! It took quite a bit of deliberation to pick two winners, to the point that we actually brought on a special guest judge, jgonzo from Capcom Unity! Thanks for the assist, jgonzo!

Anyway, since the winning images are staring you in the face, I must now congratulate the two winning artists: Ruby and HJ Hikari!  Congratulations to you both, you should be receiving e-mails on how to collect your prizes already. I also have a special message from Tabby, who of course was pretty central to this contest:

"This was probably the hardest art contest we've ever had to judge on TMMN. There were so many great entries, and it made it extremely tough to pick through them. You all should be very proud. I know there can only be two winners, but every single person in this contest accomplished their goal. They melted my cold evil heart. Well done. I shall now be printing these out and rolling around in them happily."

And you can too, because we've made up a gallery of all the entries. So, I guess that's another contest wrapped up. Again, thanks to everyone who entered! And remember, there are always going to be more contests, so keep on entering!

Check out the entries!

Proto on Proto: A Kotobukiya Figure Review

As longtime fans know, for many years, Bandai's Rockman 8 Ironbuster Blues model kit long stood as perhaps the best example of an action figure or model kit based on the prototypical older brother of the Blue Bomber. But more recently, a company by the name of Kotobukiya has gotten into the model kit game and began producing a line of product which has so far included Rockman and Roll, who both preceded the mighty DRN-000, and are slated for an eventual Western release. Of course, you've probably seen the pictures, and while those are worth about a thousand words each, sometimes you still need to know more about a product before buying it. And that's where today's feature comes into play.

One fan by the name of Protoman X, who runs the ProtoRetro reviews channel on YouTube, tipped us off to his latest edition, in which he thoroughly examines his namesake, as well as provides a little history lesson of what Blues/Proto Man has gone through to reach this point in his collectible lifespan:

If that has whet your appetite, then don't forget that we are currently running a Valentine's Day fanart contest in which the winner gets to take home one such figure!

ProTip: Tabby will probably give more points to someone whose picture features Proto Man wining, dining, or otherwise romancing her. Just keep it clean, and the rules are here for further reference.

TMMN Fan Art Contest: Valentines Blues

Funny that Valentine's Day should land within one of the coldest months in the year. But if it's help warming your spirit you need, a fun little contest might just do the trick. It's been a while, but Tabby is taking helm at the festivities once again with a new fan art contest! And I think it will be worth your while, because two people will be winning a Kotobukiya Blues model kit! Just look at this guy, so mysterious and dreamy.

Tabby is not easy to win over, though. She is one of the coldest and most evil people I know (yeesh, women). But I have a helpful tip for you all. I happen to know that she simply goes gaga for Blues (aka Proto Man). So, I think if you draw something Blues themed, you just might have a shot. In fact it's mandatory that your picture be Blues themed. Better yet, just take a look at the rules and guidelines and you should be all set!

You have until Monday, February 14th, 10:00PM PST to submit Tabby your picture. After that, Tabby will confer with a handful of other TMMN staff judges, totally disregard their comments, and pick two winners on her own.

So, get learned and start creating your masterpiece! Good luck to you all! You'll probably need it.

Blues Introduced in Rockman Online (UPDATE)

A new update on the Rockman Online blog. After having an encounter with Rightot, Alia received a great deal of data on "ancient robots." Apparently, Sigma and the URA have also been deeply researching the old robots of the past. As an example, she shares the information on a robot known as Blues. The bulk of the article recounts Blues' back story, such as how he fled Dr. Light who tried to repair his faulty power supply, how he took up being the battle robot "Breakman" under Dr. Wily, and how he dropped that role after meeting Rockman and becoming more of a "loner hero," sticking to himself except during times when Rock gets into trouble.

Being a legendary red robot of a lonely disposition, Alia wonders if Blues somehow as any relation with Zero, and she'd like a chance to meet him. However, she also realizes that such old robots ought to be rusty andbroken down by now, and can't fathom why Sigma is interested in them. She also says next time she will reveal data she got on a blue robot who seems very similar to X.

There's no mention of Blues being a playable character class, and though you might think so with his sporty new armor, I seem to recall NeoWiz saying that Duo would be the only character class based on an ancient robot. But I think moreover, it's worth wondering that, with URA invested in studying ancient robots (and I think we know why), which side is Blues going to be on?

Update (1/28): A small update opens a poll for exactly how users want Blues's name to be written. Apparently, the common writing for Blues is slightly different from its original Japanese counterpart. Rockman Online was intending to reflect the Japanese writing, but is now letting fans decide. Also, another small detail is revealed: rather than being a physical article, Blues's scarf is a beam scarf. The implications of this are left up in the air. (Thanks HeatPhoenix!)

Blues Kit Coming Friday, Western Box Sneak Peek, and More

Kotobukiya updated their blog to notify they plan to put their Blues model kit on sale the 21st, this Friday. They also reveal the "Mega Man" version of the box intended for sale in the west. There's no indication when the Mega Man branded figures will start going on sale, but it's mentioned the contents will essentially be unchanged. Additionally, to coincide with the Friday release, Kotobukiya will have a special event at their outlet store. They will have a lottery people can enter for every ¥2,000 spent on Rockman goods. This doesn't include just the model kits, but E Can and Roll themed mugs as well, pictured below. Unfortunately there's no word if these products will go on sale outside of the store event.

News Credit: CAP Kobun

Kotobukiya Blues Detailed - Last Kit for Now

So, you know how I said yesterday that Kotobukiya's Blues model kit would be releasing pretty soon in Japan? Well evidently, it already has in Hong Kong! And our good friend Auto has provided some details and pictures for what you can expect when you get yours.

First and foremost, however, it seems that Blues is the end of Kotobukiya's Rockman line for the time being. In the space on the box where future figures are advertised, Blues' box only remarks that Rockman and Roll are also on sale. So, if you've been holding out for a Forte or, I dunno, Bubbleman model kit, there's no confirmation for you. Bandai will have the spotlight for the foreseeable future.

Next is a detail that I'm sure will be disappointing for some. The kit has no eye pieces, meaning that your dreams of displaying a visorless Blues will be on hold (unless you're already with him having a creepy, eyeless face). Additional dismay may come from Blues having no charged shot piece like Rockman does, and his E Can is molded in gray, likely because Blues has no native blue parts (though I suppose, technically, an E Can would be red and gray for him in the game, no?).

But other than that, it appears to be everything you've come to expect if you've gotten your hands on Kotobukiya's other Rockman model kits so far. So, some disappointment aside, it's still a nice, high quality kit.

Hit the break for all the images. Tons of thanks, Auto!

Kotobukiya Blues Production Photos

Believe it or not, Kotobukiya's Blues model kit is coming out in Japan pretty soon! Definitely a much shorter wait we had for this one as we did going from Rockman for Roll. At any rate, Moeyo has some photos up of a completed production model of the figure. This is what you can expect when you build it without any additional painting or detailing. And if you ask me, it looks great!

Hit the break for the full gallery of images.

Image Credit: Moeyo (NSFW)

[gallery link="file" orderby="title"]

Pre-Orders for American Kotobukiya Mega Man Models Now Open!

We've heard the rumors, and we've seen the plans. Now, at long last, those who have eagerly awaited the chance to order their very own Kotobukiya Mega Man figures have their chance! Well, almost; "pre-orders" are what Entertainment Earth is taking for the Kotobukiya versions of Mega Man, his sister Roll, and his mysterious older brother, Proto Man. Each costs $27.99, and all three are slated for a release in June 2011, though this could be subject to change, pending an announcement from Kotobukiya themselves.

Following is what Entertainment Earth has to say about each model kit, which is likely common knowledge to those who have been following the line up to this point:

Mega Man Protoman Plastic Model Kit:

* Protoman, the fan-favorite 8-bit era of Mega Man! * Protoman comes with shield! * Build, customize, and admire!

Proto Man is made up of pre-painted parts (approximately 200), Proto Man doesn't require any painting or glue. With 30 points of articulation for excellent posing he is 5 1/2-inches tall (1:10 scale). Customize him with included interchangeable parts like multiple faces with tampo-printed eyes, and additional hands and weapons!

Mega Man Rockman Plastic Model Kit:

* Capcom's 8-bit classic character, Mega Man! * Build, customize, and admire! * Full of detail and articulation!

Mega Man, also known as "Rockman," is Capcom's world-renowned and beloved hero as a plastic model kit! Standing 5-inches tall (1:10 scale), the video game hero is comprised of approximately 200 pieces and has 30 points of articulation for excellent posing. Mega Man also comes with bonus parts so that you can display him as you choose. There are two interchangeable blasts for his Mega Blaster: standard and "charged." He also has three types of pre-applied tampo printed faces for a variety of facial expressions and even an in-scale "E" can!

Mega Man Roll Plastic Model Kit:

* Roll, keeping your collection nice and tidy! * Cute female robot from Mega Man! * Detailed and articulated with plenty of interchangeable parts!

Standing just over 5-inches tall (1:10 scale), the cute robot girl has 30 points of articulation and comes with multiple tampo-printed eye and face options as well as interchangeable clothing and hands!

As always, we'll bring you more information as it becomes available.

Source: via Protodude's Rockman Corner

First Kotobukiya Colored Blues Pic... Kinda Sucks (Update: Much Less Sucky)

Update: Well now, here's a MUCH better picture than what we had before. Here are the first legit pics of the colored Blues model, from Capcom of Japan. We also have a few additional details as well: the figure will release in Japan in January of 2011, and like Rockman and Roll, cost ¥3,150, including tax (roughly $37.80 US). Naturally he can hold his shield and carry it on his back, and he will come with three difference facial plates, though no mention of what varieties (such as if he has his Breakman disguise). All in all, it's probably everything you dreamed of.

Original crappy image/post after the break. Thanks Shoot Man!

Last weekend, the Akihabara Rockman Festival kicked off, shilling a wide variety of Rockman goods. The event was also witness to the first sighting of the colored Blues figure, the third in Kotobukiya's Rockman line. Unfortunately for the time, photography was strictly prohibited. However, Kotobukiya now has their own post on the event, and are finally giving us non-attendees our first look!... Almost. For some reason, they are still keeping the figure obscured, perhaps because our minds are unprepared for its sheer coolness and our brains would boil into a plasma-hot soup of excitement. Or something. But they do promise to reveal the figure proper before long. Incidentally, "kotobukiya" is Japanese for humongous tease. Yeah I know Japanese, seriously. Anyway, you can check out their article for additional event pics.

Thanks, Auto!

Kotobukiya Blues First Look (Updated)

Hot on the heels of seeing Roll's true colors, here's our first look at the prototype for Blues. This was presented at the Chara Hobby 2010 event in Japan. The poster notes that Blues will come with a detachable shield and three different face plates. As reported before, Blues is planned for release by the end of the year, probably in December. Price is unknown, but will likely be within the league of Rockman and Roll.

Update: According the the image after the break (which I didn't look at closely enough), the Blues figure has actually been pushed back a little, and is planned to release sometime in early 2011.

Thanks Auto!

Kotobukiya Roll Figure Coming December, Blues Not Far Behind

At the 2010 Summer Wonder Festival in Japan, Roll's prototype figure was shown off alongside Rockman's finished figure. An info card notes the Roll figure coming out in December, though the image is too blurry to make out if there's a price (albeit there probably isn't).

Speaking of "prototypes," a silhouette of another model in the works was also featured, and this is undoubtedly Blues (Proto Man). Though not yet officially revealed, this figure is proposed to release in Winter of 2010 as well. Check out the Dengeki Online gallery at the bottom for a couple more pics.

Rockman figure fans are definitely having unhappy wallets these days.

News Credit: CAP Kobun, top image from Ngee Khiong

New Mega Man 10 Screens, Time Attack and Proto Man Shown

Capcom of Japan's Rockman 10 website has updated with some lovely new screenshots, showing off the Time Attack Mode and Blues (Proto Man) Mode. Of course we've known for a while these modes would be included, and Time Attack Mode seems identical to Mega Man 9's, but now you can check out images of them too. In the Proto Man images, it looks like we have more classic stage enemies appearing in Chill Man's stage. And in the Time Attack images we see Mega Man using a special weapon against Blade Man; perhaps Commando Man's Commando Bomb? All I know for sure is the more screens I see, the greater and more action packed this game looks! [gallery link="file" orderby="ID"]

Rockman and Blues to grace Kubrick toy set

mmkubrickNo, I don't mean the director. Kubrick is a Japanese figurine, somewhat similar to a Lego figure. However, a large variety of Kubrick figures are modeled after characters from movies and so forth, including a number of limited edition figures, making them a popular collector's item. In February of next year, Rockman and Blues will be among the collectibles. Both the Rockman and Blues figures will stand at 7cm tall. Rockman has a additional parts so that you can make him helmetless and comes with two facial mmkubrick2expressions and a removable buster. Meanwhile, Blues has his optional Breakman face and removable shield and buster. Both figures also come with translucent Be@rbrick figures which have sprites of the respective 1-Up of each on the front. Each figure will run ¥2,940, or roughly $31.94 US by today's conversion.

I imagine these will be fairly sought after by Rockman toy collectors!

News Credit: CAP Kobun