D-Arts Black Zero Confirmed for US this December (Updated)

1006142_614041735281662_634661021_n Following our report yesterday, Bluefin has now confirmed that the D-Arts Black Zero figure will release in the United States December of this year, and November for those ordering in Japan. They've also provided this cool publicity image. The latter half of this year has become full of Mega Man X!

UPDATE: Premium Bandai has opened their pre-order page for Black Zero (although pre-orders are not being accepted yet). You can see a number of additional pictures her, as well as accessory details. The figure comes with two Z Sabers, a Z Saber effect part, three face parts, removable Z Buster muzzle, removable right arm, and two removable wrist parts. Thanks, Django!

Ucchy-san Presents D-Arts Black Zero

218c452cAs promised, Ucchy-san has revealed the next character to get the D-Arts treatment. And it turns out it's Black Zero. To be honest... just a little underwhelming. And while Black Zero did rank 10th in the latest character survey, it was also revealed at San Diego Comic Con last year. This was pretty much a guaranteed product already. But ah well, it's still undeniably cool. Black Zero appears to come with the same accessories and such that the regular Zero Type 2 figure included, but now with purple colored Z-Sabers. In Japan, Black Zero will be a Premium Bandai exclusive figure (meaning no retail sales), and will go on pre-order this Friday, the 5th. Nevertheless, it will likely be sold regularly in North America. We'll keep an ear towards Bluefin for those details.

The Nightmare Zero You Haven't Seen

Following Mega Man X2's 1-Up trick, here's another X series secret you've likely not seen. This time, however, it's due to a glitch. In the not so revered title Mega Man X6, it's supposed to be possible to face an ultra-powerful Lv. 4 Nightmare Zero. Not only that, but beating him unlocks Black Zero, which otherwise is only available by using a code when starting a new game.

This doesn't turn out to work, though. Why? To reach Lv. 4 Nightmare Zero, you need to collect 5,000 Nightmare Souls. But the game is also set so that upon gathering 3,000 Nightmare Souls, the Gate stages open up and encounters with Nightmare Zero and High Max no longer occur in the regular stages. In other words, Nightmare Zero goes away before you can get the requisite 5,000 Nightmare Souls. The only way to access this battle with Nightmare Zero now is via hacking.

I'm supposing the unlock code is in the game at all either because a programmer realized this flaw, or because someone decided not to include the Lv. 4 encounter in the game. Or perhaps it really has been a huge oversight all along. Considering X6 as rushed out exactly a year after X5, it's certainly possible...

Thanks for the tip, Flame!