An Overload of OVER-1

overones People have had both good and bad things to say about Rockman Xover... let's be honest; mostly bad. But one thing people have consistently seemed to approve of is OVER-1's design and various armors. Perhaps making use of this notion, Famitsu is showing off high res artwork of all the OVER forms to appear so far, 1 through 8 (though minus the special R form). Which form is your favorite?

Additionally, Famitsu is also announcing that the special edition card of There, one of the boss contest winners, will be available with the latest issue of Famitsu APP. The card can be redeemed between now and August 5th.

Incidentally, when talking about OVER-1 in general... I never know if that means the character himself, or just his first form. Is he just OVER? I don't really understand...

News Credit: Wizaman

A Truly Fantastic Mega Man Character Piece

35094566_p0 This piece of artwork started making the rounds in social media the other day, and I felt it was worth a showcase. This awesome picture, representing 25 years of Mega Man heroes and heroines, was done by Japanese artist Kinniku as a promotional image for February's Rock Party convention. Some of you are probably familiar with Kinniku, who we've featured on the site previously. This picture is definitely poster worthy! Might need to get in touch with Mr. Kinniku... Hit the break for a rendition of just the characters.



Rockman Ultrabook Package Contest Opens

illust_sample The Rockman Ultrabook endeavor has moved from polls to a contest. There is now a contest open for designing the package for the fan-fueled laptop PC. The winner, not surprisingly, will get their own Rockman Ultrabook. The rules are as follows:

-Can contain any Mega Man character from any series (classic, X, Zero, ZX, Legends, Battle Network, Star Force or Xover). It cannot contain any other characters. -Your work must be in Photoshop PSD format, using CMYK coloring. It must be in A3 (297mm x 420mm) in 350 dpi. -After making this graphic, you may submit it as a GIF, JPG or PNG that is compressed to under 10MB. -Those under 20 must have approval from a guardian to enter the contest.

The contest is running from now until April 22nd. Of course, I don't really imagine readers here will have much interest in entering, but there's the info just in case.

The Rockman Ultrabook goes on preorder March 29th, next week. No details about the poll results or price have been revealed still.

Take a Tour of the Mega Man Boss Battle Gallery

If you haven't been able to drop by the Mega Man Boss Battle art gallery, you can still check out this virtual tour via GameSpot. It shows off a bit of the work, interviews a few of the contributing artists, and incorrectly identifies Spark Man.

Of course the show is still running until the end of the month, so if you can make it to San Fran you should check it out!

Thanks for the tip, James!

Check Out Some Neat Star Force Artwork

93i0O The short lived Mega Man Star Force series is one that we seldom feature on the site anymore. But I know there are certainly some fans out there, and every Mega Man game deserves its due once in a while on The Mega Man Network.

So I thought I'd share this neat Star Force fan artwork by artist GO! that I came across the other day. You may recall GO! as the artist behind a couple art books we gave away in January. He also does artwork for many of the various Rockman garage kits that go on sale at events in Japan. With these pieces, we see a few of the Star Force protagonists re-envisioned looking a little more detailed and strong. What would you say if Star Force came back like this?

You can check out more of GO!'s Mega Man artwork here.



Special Ariga and Iwamoto Battle Memory Cards Coming to Xover

iwamotocardThe big surprise is now out. In commemoration of Rockman's 25th anniversary, Rockman Xover will be offering two special Battle Memory cards featuring exclusive artwork by manga artists Hitoshi Ariga and Yoshihiro Iwamoto. The Iwamoto card, featuring X, is available from now until January 15th, 2013. After that, Ariga's card (yet to be revealed) will be available from January 16th to the 31st. All registered players will be able to obtain the special cards during these periods.

You can also take a look at the Rockman Xover birthday page for some nifty 25th anniversary sketches by Iwamoto and Ariga!

News Credit: CAP Kobun

Calling All Artists for a Worldwide 25th Anniversary Homage!

It's time once again for fans around the world to contribute art to show their love of Mega Man. This past summer, we put out the call for a worldwide art project in support of Rock Day. At the time there was only two days' notice, but we managed to rally an overwhelming response nonetheless. It's gearing up again now, and with much more additional time, we expect the response to be phenomenal!

It all starts here, at the 25th Anniversary Birthday Collaboration page. Be sure to check it carefully, because there's a lot you need to pay attention to in order to properly submit your work. Right now, the project is only taking applications for characters. You can comment on the site which character you wish to draw - you can draw up to two (one per picture), and you cannot pick a character that's already chosen (so hurry!). Not just characters, but minor enemies are fine as well. The application deadline is October 17th, 11AM EST. You must comment on the site to choose your character, not here! (Go to the very bottom to find the comment field.) You can see characters already chosen beneath the example comment form.

After that, your artwork will be due by November 17th, and you can email to submit it. Again, be sure to follow the image guidelines properly! Once that date passes, the final collage will be edited together in preparation to be shown off on the Blue Bomber's 25th birthday: December 17th.

We know the world loves Mega Man, so let's show it off. We got nearly 100 pictures for Rock Day, and I know we can do way better than that for the 25th anniversary. Reserve your characters and get to it!

What if Mega Man Got a Bit Darker?

With the current uncertainty with where Mega Man will be going these days, there's a good deal of speculation about an entirely new theme or style. So what if Mega Man got a bit more dark? A bit more "grown up" perhaps. Artist Edgar Gómez, aka Van-der-Dot, takes a stab at that.

The Mega Man X picture, done late last year, is an easily understandable gritty take on the already "serious" X series. The more recent picture to the right is of the original six Robot Masters reimagined. Rather than "gritty," these are straight up fantasy designs.

Making Mega Man is something a lot of fans have thought of (myself included), and I definitely think such a game could appeal big time to gamers. At the same time, however, I also think it'd really alienate the family friendly image Mega Man has, and its appeal to all kinds of game players. Nevertheless, who knows what the future will hold?

Found via Game Trailers (thanks Liana!)

A Call to Artists for Worldwide Mega Man Homage

Do you like Mega Man? Do you draw good? Then you're eligible for to contribute to a Mega Man fan endeavor of global proportions! However, time is very much against you, so if you're interested, read carefully and act quickly. Some people, particularly the Japanese, observe June 9th as Rockman Day (since the characters for 6 and 9 combine as rokku - see here). Fans around the world, including our own eye on Rockman Online, Amunshen, are organizing a character collage made by you the fans, with each person contributing at least one character.

However, there are very particular guidelines you must follow. First you must apply for a character not already taken (there is a list in the above link), by sending a tweet to @argent_fox01 with your character of choice. You can choose more than one character as long as they're not taken, as well as other bosses and minor enemies. If it's in the Mega Man universe, it's good.

What's more, the deadline is the minute before midnight on June 8th, Japan time. This means, if you live in America, you have until June 8th, 10:59 AM on the east coast, 7:59 AM on the west. In other words, you have about three days to submit your completed work, so you probably shouldn't bite off more than you can chew!

Be sure to check the main project page thoroughly for other requirements as well, such as the image format and size. When it's all taken care of, you can mail your entry to

I know this is a bit short notice and technical, but all the same I encourage everyone to make a strong effort and apply. It is of the utmost importance always to show our love for Mega Man in these times. Don't hold back! Thank you!

Update: If you don't want to use Twitter to apply, Amunshen has agreed to accept applications made in the comments for this post as well. Just mark them accordingly. Twitter is still the preferred way to apply, though, and assures your application will be registered the quickest.

The Making of an Old Man

Old man "Mega Man," featured as a playable character in Street Fighter X Tekken, is perhaps old news by now. The game is out, jokes were made, and, barring any kind of return in future games, the curtain has closed. But that doesn't mean Mega Man's stomach isn't still poking out a little. We've heard the story numerous times now; Ono presenting Mega Man for inclusion in SFXT, and Keiji Inafune turning it down (when he still worked at the company), inviting the designers to come up with something more unique. That may have told the story of why, but it didn't speak much on the story of how.

Coming from the Street Fighter X Tekken Artworks book, we have a look at the concept and developmental process of Mega Man. A variety of of styles, and even series, were considered in the conception, and some may really surprise you.

Hit the break for bizarre concept art goodness!

We start here with the "end result." This is the concept they settled on when making the game's character. As much flack as super-sized Mega Man has gotten, I always thought he had an inviting face, in a sort of unrefined way.

Here we have Mega Man at more angles than you probably ever wished to see him from. To the right, I guess is how his outfit is supposed to look before it's stretched out all over his body?

Here we have some concepts of Roll. Not sure who she's fooling with that broom, she doesn't seem like the cleaning type in the game.

Here we start getting into the unused stuff. This image contains a variety of outfit patterns that were being considered.

It looks like the "M" design almost made the cut. I do kind of wish they'd went with it.

Here's a take using Mega Man's traditional appearance as a base.

More classic Mega Mans, or at least other fighting game characters dressing as Mega Man? Not really sure where this concept was going. I wonder if Pac-Man has similar, muscle bound designs?

Here is bad box art Mega and Roll looking as they might have from their prime. Doesn't look too bad, actually! I wonder what the reaction would have been with these designs.

Now this one is interesting. Here we have a younger, teenaged Mega Man, wearing his outfit like a hoodie. No idea what the inspiration here was.

And this... I guess is a more anime-ish take on Mega Man and Roll? He still has "M" on his clothes and all. This looks like it could be a totally new series.


This is by far the most weird one too me. A strange, old Nintendo Power-ish looking Mega Man who apparently his a tiny Roll on his shoulder like a sprite or conscience. This one also looks the most "American" to me.

And here I can only guess is what's apparently Star Force Mega Man done up in bad box art style, with space glasses and everything. I guess Roll gets a unique design since she wasn't really a part of that series.

That's all, folks!

Many thanks to AWD! for providing the artwork scans!

MM Universe: Looking Back on Something Old with Something New

It's been a full year since the cancellation of Mega Man Universe. It happened to be on my birthday too, making it just a little more special! Anyway, as much as I've racked my brain, I don't have much insightful to say on the matter. Some say this marked the beginning of Mega Man's downfall, though honestly there are so many ways to analyze it that I can't really be sure of that. But it did definitely shake the fanbase, even as relatively unpopular as the game seemed to be prior. Since coming to Japan, however, I've been able to snag some promotional items for the game from TGS 2010; sticks and postcards. It's not much, but there are a few bits of art and such that never saw wide circulation during MMU's short lifetime. And anyway, there's little else positive I can extract from the whole mess!

Hey now, it's Mega Man doing something other than looking straight forward. A number of people criticized this game's art style... and I agree that it was out there. But I also kind of got used to it; it has a simplistic charm. What I really think was the problem is that nearly all the character art released was just of people standing still and looking straight forward. I get that there was a method to it, but it made them look a lot more dull.

And here we have a Met, just... bein' a Met. I don't have much else to say about it.

Here's a scan of Roll. Unfortunately, the friend who was cleaning these up for me ran into some computer trouble, so the finished Roll art will have to be added later. I remember really turning my nose up the first time I saw Roll in this game, but really she has kind of a cute style.

Here's the Rockman type postcard. These are nice because, so far as I recall, they're the only published close up models of the game sprites. I don't think they look too bad like this, even though they were intended to be rendered small scale.

And here's Old Man Mega, before he put on all that weight. I was always kind of miffed they referred to this as U.S. Mega Man, as if we in the US preferred this look or something. A joke is one thing, but come on. Sadly I do not have the new style Mega Man post card so far.

Here's what the back of both cards looks like. Hey look at that handsome guy on the right, it's Joveth. Remember him? Even more startling is a helmetless Ucchy-san standing next to him. That's the clearest you'll see his hair since he censors it now.

Anyway, that's all I have to show off. Sorry it's not anything more interesting. You know, I can understand a lot of the criticism this game endured, and based on what aspects we did come to know of it, I do doubt it would have done very well. There's probably never going to be a 100,000 Strong for Mega Man Universe. But darnit, I still would have liked to try it out.

Many thanks to Kevin for cleaning up the Mega Man and Met images.

The Unseen Worlds of Mega Man Legends

I think it's fair to say that Mega Man Legends was pretty ambitious for its time. It was an all new series that departed greatly from what many people recognized as Mega Man then. It was also Mega Man's first step into a 3D adventure, a game design that still had a lot of unexplored territory. Of course before things could jump to 3D, they had to be plotted out in 2D by artists and planners. Above is Mega Man Legends' Apple Market. On the left is a concept design, and on the right is what we got in the game. Quite a disparity, but understandable given the technological limitations of the day. Furthermore, the concept art isn't simply to picture something for a game, but also something to draw ideas from and help flesh out a world. Plenty of material like this is made, creating the world we see in Mega Man Legends, as well as the world we don't see!

Since it's a holiday, let's sit back and have fun taking a look at these concepts after the break. Just a warning, however, it's pretty image intensive!

Here's Apple Market again, for you to view in larger size. Next to it is a scene from Apple Market's back alley, seemingly between the market and Downtown. I don't believe this is an area that made it into the game. Playing Mega Man Legends I always got the sense the town on Kattelox was like a 1950s, TV sitcom middle American town. But these concepts give the air of something more warm and less modernized. There's a very European feel to the layout and detail.

A concept design on a main street in Downtown. Again, a very European style environment with the clocktower and double decker bus and such. I really like the small details, like the umbrella tables out on the sidewalk.

More of Downtown; here we have a rough concept of a residential district. This looks a bit closer to what we got in the game, with its flat-sided buildings and equal areas segmented by streets. Again, keep in mind this art doesn't represent what they tried to make the game look like, just what they imagined it could be like.

Speaking of residential, although Downtown is full of houses you don't get to go into any of them. But that doesn't mean the planners didn't conjure up what they would look like on the inside. Of course, this style of open floor design made its way into Battle Network and Star Force as well. This looks like it could be out of one of those titles.

More of Downtown. It's got such a quaint and organic feel to it. Though I guess it would be a little odd for people to create such a town with the limited resources on a small island like Kattelox. But who knows?

Moving to Uptown, we have the hospital and art museum. The text on the hospital notes that the rounded structure on top could be made larger, and resemble a syringe. They really went full blown with that concept in the final design in the game. Meanwhile, it seems the art museum originally started out as a general museum, and was a bit larger. It even would have had a planetarium at the top. It makes me wonder what thoughts they'd have on space, considering things like rockets and space travel are very fanciful concepts here; the stuff of myths.

Of course, surface-dwelling society is just one side of the Legends world. There's also an entirely different world beneath the ground.

Here are some of the earlier concepts for underground ruins. They were definitely running with more of a mechanical theme, and come off more like the insides of a factory or a battleship, with all the pipes, ladders, grates and such. I suppose they have a bit of spookiness, but they don't command the kind of awe you'd expect when uncovering an ancient and advanced civilization.

Here the design is starting to get closer to what was found in the game, at least in consideration of the sub areas that connect the major ruins. The notes indicate a yellow colored water or some other type of strange liquid flowing beneath. Hrm.

I really love this image. This is definitely starting to get closer to the kind of weird and awe-inspiring elements the ruins ought to have. The strange mechanical pillars are really cool.

Now the concepts are much closer to what we see in the game, with greater emphasis on an advanced and polished look with repetition of geometric shapes. And of course the trademark red Reaverbot eye. The top image is pretty interesting; it was conceived as a life support system room for a boss, centered around a shielded monolith which presumably has its own defense system. The second image is of a reactor room, which would eventually translate into the room where the treasured Refractor rests. The last room is a control room. I can see these becoming the control center found in the Clozer Woods Sub-gate. But you really have to marvel at what this thing is with its floating clockwork and eye. Is it a building or a Reaverbot?

The last images we'll look at leave Kattelox entirely. These images are intended to conceive what kind of world all these events take place in. This is the most fanciful stuff, which is of course why I saved it for last!

First we have what appears to be concepts for a home for the Caskett family. On the left is a castle-style home. There is a place for the Flutter to moor in the space between the home and the windmill (which is partially cut off). On the right is a factory-style home. Here Roll appears to be gazing out the window while bathing. I guess maybe she's not actually that shy. Since the Flutter itself is a flying house, I never before imagined MegaMan, Roll and Barrel having an actual home somewhere in the world. But it's certainly possible they would have a piece of land staked out for themselves; it would be tiresome to always be flying around.

Here is a concept for a typical city. It appears that as the city grew, they just kept making buildings over buildings. That's perhaps why it's such an interesting combination of houses and factories. I think there's even a cannon in there!

A city suspended in the air, constructed on an enormous brace. Possibly something left behind by the people who came before. Notes indicate it looks like it once may have been a veritable paradise, but has now fallen into disrepair.

An underwater city; assuredly not in present use. Considering Mega Man Legends takes place in a time where the world has been largely flooded, these types of submerged cities ought to be all over the place.

This is not so much a city but one of the first takes on designing ancient ruins. Surrounding it are mountains of wreckage presumably that remain from whatever form of society may have once been present. A little depressing to look at.

And again, saving the very best for last. This impressive image is really what inspired me to put this article together. A depiction of the general world, these cities built atop enormous cogs suspended in the air seems almost too fanciful for what we're used to from the games. Then again, if a place like this truly exists in the world, it's understandable how air travel would have become so prevalent. This image simply adds so much more mystery and awe to what we already have seen from Mega Man Legends. I love it.

Taking all this in, it really feels like the games have only shown us a shred of the bewildering world the Legends series takes place in. It also makes me wonder what kind of fascinating stuff we'll witness in Mega Man Legends 3. I do know one thing, though. Recall that I began the article commenting how the technology didn't allow the game match the detailed and expressive landscapes the designers envisioned. Looking at what we've seen from Legends 3 so far, I don't think that's going to be an issue any longer!

All of the artwork from in this article is featured in the Rockman DASH Capcom Official Concept Document Great Adventure Guide (ロックマンDASHカプコン公式設定資料集大冒険ガイド). Many thanks to AWD! for scanning it for me to show off.

A Taste of ASIAGRAPH's Rockman Exhibit

Back in February, it was announced that the ASIAGRAPH group would be featuring Rockman for an upcoming exhibit. Digital artists from all around Asia were invited to submit their work fir display and a chance to win prizes. Although the main exhibit isn't planned until October, a kick off event was recently held at Cafe ASAN displaying some of the works received from the first round of submissions.

Along with the exhibit, speeches were given by members from ASIAGRAPH, Comic Toranoana (who is also sponsoring the event) and Capcom. Also, Ucchy-san was on hand give out special Rockman DASH 3 poster cards. You can check out more photos from's report, which certainly shows a wide variety of styles and themes. What do you think of these initial pieces?

Mega Man Tribute Reminder and Tease

Just a reminder, the deadline for submitting artwork to be evaluated for inclusion in UDON's Mega Man Tribute is January 31st at 1:00PM EST. That's just another week. If you haven't started yet, then you're looking at quite a bit of crunch time this week! Be diligent, because there are a number of requirements and conditions for your piece to be eligible. All of the details are at UDON's Mega Man Tribute website. And as a fun treat, the image here is a teaser from UDON's own Jeffrey "CHAMBA" Cruise for his piece in the Tribute book. Mega Man sure is looking pretty tense there! Makes me wonder what the completed piece will be like.

Anyway, hurry and finish up your pieces! Let's make this UDON's best Tribute book yet!

Holiday Wishes from Rockman Online

As a small token of Christmas cheer at the Rockman Online blog, Alia presents this piece of artwork done up by one of the artists of the Hunter Agency who recently finished up his normal duties (they really do push the immersive thing with this). It's meant to depict the stalwart Hunters in action.

Personally I don't think it really screams holiday festivities, but it is an extremely cool image! Thank you, nameless Hunter artist!

And thanks for the tip, HeatPhoenix!

Check Out These Robot Master Sculptures

I have to give props to anyone who goes to the effort of immortalizing me in sculpture. A fellow by the name Awasai has created a variety of Ariga-styled Robot Master effigies for you to enjoy. Only thing I could ever make in clay is rainbow colored spaghetti, and I had a convenient press device for that. Check out individual pics of Awasai's creations in his gallery. Via Protodude's Rockman Corner

Robot Master Field Guide Officially Announced

After appearing on Amazon last weekend, UDON Entertainment has officially announced the Mega Man Robot Master Field Guide. Planned for release on March 2011, the book will serve as a compendium of the many classic Mega Man characters! Official PR and sample images below:

Toronto, ON – Nov 11, 2010 –  MEGA MAN is beloved the world over as one of the most recognizable icons of gaming. However, it’s not just the blue bomber himself that fans love, but also the seemingly endless stream of evil robot bosses who try to stop Mega Man from foiling Dr. Wily’s nefarious schemes. Some may be mind-controlled pawns, while others are bad to the core, but they are all Robot Masters!

The MEGA MAN: ROBOT MASTER FIELD GUIDE is your ultimate handbook to the classic Mega Man universe. Inside you’ll find profiles of every major Mega Man® character, including all the Robot Masters from Mega Man® 1-10, Mega Man® and Bass, the Mega Man Gameboy series,  plus important special characters like Proto Man, Rush, Roll, Duo, and more. Each profile features classic CAPCOM® artwork, and includes bios, quotes, likes & dislikes, weapons, and of course each Robot Master’s secret weakness!

MEGA MAN: ROBOT MASTER FIELD GUIDE arrives in stores March 2011.

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Legends/DASH 3 Appreciation Art Starts Rolling In

Teisel tries his best to draw...So, Mega Man Legends 3. Pretty big deal. Lots of people excited. Some crying even, I've heard. I doubt it'd be an exaggeration to say this will be perhaps the most anticipated Mega Man game for another whole 10 years. So it's no surprise that those with an artistic affinity are already celebrating the best way they know how. Past the break, you can check out a gallery of Legends 3 love in visual form. Though I will admit, a lot of this was found on Pixiv. Pick up the pace, western artists! But for now, hit the jump below and enjoy the wonderful eye candy.

by Yaguruma

by Cement

by CAP Kobun

by Yoshi

by Dinef

by Grand

by Umeboshi


by Postino

by Ryuufu Yuya

by M'i

by Yosaku

by Unou

by Kinniku

by Radix

by Midoriko

by Kevin X.Nelms

by Heat Man... yeah

Ok, so maybe that last one doesn't quite count. But yes, lots of fantastic artwork (besides mine), and sure to be many more to come! In fact, if you have your own celebratory Legends 3 fan art, be sure to promote it in the comments! Or better yet, submit fan art to our gallery!

Rockman Online Blog Starts Up

So yesterday, quit a bit of new Rockman Online material came up, via the game's official blog. But I suppose that was overshadowed a bit by this whole Mega Man Legends 3 thing. Perhaps you've heard about it. Nevertheless, a bit of new info can be gleaned via Protodude's Rockman Corner.

There are three types of playable characters classes : X Type, Zero Type and Duo Type.

X Type: This class has the ability to perform a Nova Strike, in addition to X's other trademark attacks such as the charge shot. Nova Strike is executable after you've taken a certain amount of damage. Further, X's new armor allows him to have additional mobility in deep sea and perilous mountain missions.

Zero Type: With his trusty Z-Saber, Zero is the close combat character. He's able to perform a multitude of melee attacks to take out foes at close range and can perform a double jump to reach new heights. When equipped with armor, Zero's defense capable greatly increase and is able to attack multiple enemies at once. Much like past games in the X series, Zero cannot gain new weaponry.

Duo Type: A heavy-class character. Duo can attack foes with his fist which can be powered up to increase damage; rockets and a "cross-beam" make up the rest of his arsenal; when equipped with armor, Duo can fly for a brief period of time; finally, he is immune to virus type enemies, but as a trade off, he cannot utilize other weaponry.

Interestingly, the site mentions we won't actually be playing as X, Zero or Duo. Instead, we're playing as a Reploid that can copy the DNA of legendary Reploids and take on their appearance and abilities.

Another thing of interest, the site puts a huge emphasis on the UCA -- The United Continent Association. The UCA acts as the world government in Rockman Online and disperses its military forces (i.e Rockman Online players) to intervene in large scale political, economic, and military conflicts. Behind these skirmishes is the URA:  The Ultimate Reploid Association -- This separatist organization, made up of vigilante Reploids, aims to disrupt society with terrorism. The UCA is constantly battling them to quell these conflicts. Whether it be small or large scale activity, the UCA is always on the scene to combat them, though they've lost many areas to their influence.

Considering these details, it sounds more and more like Rockman Online is a completely original storyline/world, using Mega Man and Mega Man X elements as a frame of reference. And truthfully, this may be how a Mega Man game would best work within an MMO type game. Anyhow, be sure to check the blog for a variety of artwork and such, including a really twisted Cut Man.

News Credit: Protodude's Rockman Corner, RockMaster

Amazing Robot Master Collage is Amazing

I've seen a number of robot master collages over time, but this one is truly impressive (not to mention up to date). This is by Kinniku, who's work depicted various characters from other Mega Man games in Mega Man Powered Up style have received a bit of attention. This piece was drawn to promote the E Can Festa, a convention where 20 different doujin circles will be selling off their classic series themed merchandise. The event will take place on February 12th, 2011 in the 4th floor of the Tokyo Bungu Kyowa Kaikan in Taito-Ku, Tokyo. But really I just wanted an excuse to show off this awesome artwork.

Tell me you wouldn't love to play this Mega Man game.

Thanks, Auto!