Which of These Upcoming D-Arts Figures Isn't a Joke?

dartsjokeOver on Rockman Unity, Ucchy-san is brimming with excitement to announce FOUR new upcoming characters for Bandai's D-Arts figure line! There's classic series Roll, Ultimate Armor X, Iris, and Zero from the MMZ series. Talk about a deluge of new products! Ahh, but wait. It's April Fools ain't it. In Japan, anyway. Ya fooled poor Ucchy. But here's the thing. One of these four actually isn't a joke. And the truth behind the ruse is planned to be announced within a few days. Until then, which do you think is the most likely figure? Personally, hmm... I think I've got my money on Ultimate Armor X.

Here is Capcom's Rockman 25th Anniversary Plan

Perhaps you were hoping for Mega Man Legends 3? Or maybe Mega Man X9, or a remade, high definition Mega Man collection? Come now, your thinking is much too small. Capcom has something way better planned than any of that! Rockman Unity has the scoop that the three femme fatales of Rockman: Roll, Mayl and Luna, are collaborating to form their own idol group. Their first single, "Transmission of Your Heart," is set to release on December 17th, 20XX. Although not mentioned, the expected price is three billion yen. They will have to hurry and compete with AKB after all.

Furthermore, there will be a goods campaign to promote the single. You can pick up three limited edition posters featuring each of the sweethearts (while supplies last). On top of that, a live performance is also being organized to take place on the rooftop of the Capcom building. Which is nice, because those guys don't get to get out very much!

Alright, alright, stop clenching your mouse like that. (I assume it's because you're angry...) A fun little joke from Ucchy-san. Perhaps. I don't mean to fool with you, but all I'm saying is there's been a joke album in the past that turned out to have some truth to it. You can never be too sure what's going to happen!