Mega Man and Co. Join in Mobile Title "Street Fighter X All Capcom"

dumbcapcomthingAmong a of newly announced iOS and Android titles, Capcom introduced Street Fighter X All Capcom, set to launch November 13th of this year. The game is a "hero training RPG" which is played with card battles. Since, when you think of Street Fighter, you think of card battles. As seen in the artwork and screens from the game's official homepage, we can so far expect characters hailing from Mega Man, Mega Man X and Mega Man Legends. The game boasts over 500 characters from a number of beloved Capcom series. As cards. To be honest, this game actually looks a lot like Minna to Capcom All Stars, a mobile card battle RPG whose service ended earlier this year. All Stars was also touted as a hero training RPG. Some of the artwork even appears to be exactly the same (compare Okami's Amaterasu). All Stars was originally a collaboration with GREE.

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Rockman Xover Comes to Korea

YcCCOdB After enjoying eight months of service exclusively in Japan, social app Rockman Xover has made its way to Korea on both iOS and Android.

Allegedly, the version released is quite a bit behind the updates that the Japanese version currently has. Furthermore, the game requires an account registration to play, whereas in Japan Xover can use services like Facebook and Twitter to log in. It is also region locked, and you cannot add Japanese players to your friends list.

Originally, Capcom of America intended to release Xover in the west as well, but those plans were indefinitely put on hold; probably due to the poor reaction the game received. Nevertheless, there are those who want to play it, and the Korean release could be a sign that it's on its way.

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The Next Rockman Xover Boss Character Contest Hits Close to Home

nextcontest Following the previous boss character contest for iOS/Android app Rockman Xover, Capcom is rolling out another. This time, however, the theme is players' home regions. In fact, Capcom wants entries that somehow represent each of the 47 prefectures of Japan. Taking that into consideration, I'm supposing this is a Japan only contest.

This time the chosen boss characters won't be made into actual bosses. But 11 grand prize winners will have their characters made into Battle Memory cards. They will also receive a special Battle Memory only available to contest winners, and an E Tank water bottle. Of those 11, four will be used as special giveaways for media outlets like Famitsu and Dengeki. An additional 47 runners-up will win that special Battle Memory.

Like the last contest, this one will be maintained by uploading works to Nico Nico Seiga. The deadline is September 2nd, with the winning entries planned to start appearing in the game in early October. So if you live in Japan anyway, good luck to you!

News Credit: Famitsu (via Wizaman)

An Overload of OVER-1

overones People have had both good and bad things to say about Rockman Xover... let's be honest; mostly bad. But one thing people have consistently seemed to approve of is OVER-1's design and various armors. Perhaps making use of this notion, Famitsu is showing off high res artwork of all the OVER forms to appear so far, 1 through 8 (though minus the special R form). Which form is your favorite?

Additionally, Famitsu is also announcing that the special edition card of There, one of the boss contest winners, will be available with the latest issue of Famitsu APP. The card can be redeemed between now and August 5th.

Incidentally, when talking about OVER-1 in general... I never know if that means the character himself, or just his first form. Is he just OVER? I don't really understand...

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Rockman Xover is Crossing Over Even More

[gallery columns="2" ids="21956,21957"] Not content with simply being a crossover of all the Mega Man series, the latest weekly Famitsu reveals that Rockman Xover will be stretching out its already strange universe with Bandai Namco's iOS mobile game Seven Thousand Wars - Season 2. In accordance, characters from the fantasy RPG will appear in Xover as special Battle Memory cards you can get in lottery. Meanwhile in Seven, players can get futuristic Rockman themed equipment, as well as five SP cards featuring the forms of OVER-1 with medieval weaponry and looking really dirty.

The Battle Memory cards will start running in Xover near the end of June, whereas Seven's Xover content is seemingly available now until the end of May.

Xover Gets New X8 World, Armor and System

over8 Another update has graced the world of Rockman Xover. This update adds a new world, which is themed after the game Mega Man X8. Optic Sunflower, Avalanche Yeti, Burn Rooster and Bamboo Pandamonium appear as bosses, with X8 Sigma as the final challenge.

Additionally, there is the new OVER-8 armor (as seen above). This armor is a dual wood/wind type, although a don't believe wind is an actual attribute in the game. But as you can see above, they outfitted the armor with propeller-like cuffs. This armor is strong against electric type bosses.

Last, Xover also brings the "Irregular Burst" system. Normally, Battle Memory cards have a limit to how much you can level them up and improve their stats. However, by combining identical cards, you can surpass the normal leveling limits and make them even stronger. In honor of this addition, players currently have a chance to receive "Golden Wily" and "Silver Wily" Battle Memory cards when they log in. Hit the jump for some additional screens.

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Rockman Crossover Introduces "Legend Armor"

overr A short while back, a mysterious Rockman Xover screenshot was teased showcasing what appeared to be Mega Man joining in the amazing running-straight-ahead adventure. However Ucchy has revealed the truth of the image. This is not Mega Man but a special armor that OVER-1 can equip. Dubbed the Legend Armor, this will grant access to OVER-R, who basically looks like Mega Man. Furthermore, all of his Battle Memory slots give stat boosts.

OVER-R can be obtained simply by logging in to the game over the campaign period. Each day you log in gives you a piece of the Legend Armor. There is no information concerning other characters coming over as Legend Armors, but I wouldn't be surprised if we see it.

In other news, an update to the game allows you to lock certain Battle Memory cards, letting you easily switch over to another pre-chosen set. You can check out more screens on Rockman Unity.

Rockman Xover Coming to Android, Boss Character Contest Open Now

2857993 Some big updates to the social app that has united all of you in hatred. The formerly iOS exclusive Rockman Xover will be coming to the Android OS. It is expected to work on Android versions 2.2 and higher, although it may not work on all devices (unlike iOS, Android is found on a variety of devices made by different manufacturers). There is no date yet as to when it will be available on Android.

To commemorate the occasion, and because they were already planning it, the first ever Rockman Xover boss character contest is also open from now until the end of March 20th, Japan time. One lucky winner will have their boss design made into a Master Boss, and also receive a special edition Battle Memory of that boss, as well as other limited edition cards. Three second place winners will also have their designs made into Battle Memory cards, and receive other limited edition cards. Twenty-one runner ups will receive limited edition cards as well.

If you want to enter, you may do so here. However, you must first have an account with Nico Nico Douga to access the contest form. Once that's settled, you select your file, enter a name, description, relevant tags, and then select a category. This is all in Japanese, of course... so good luck there! There is no set limitations on the type of character you make or the image dimensions, but it must be under 10MB and saved in JPEG, GIF or PNG format.

Near the end of March, 50 nominations will be presented. In mid-April, the 25 winners will be chosen from those nominations, and the results will appear in the game in early May. The entries will be viewable here (again, a Nico Nico Douga account may be necessary).

News Credit: Rockman Unity

Take a Servbot and Data Wherever You Go

Normally you could only enjoy the company of a Servbot or Data while playing a Mega Man Legends game, or perhaps you with a toy or figure that will cost you bajillions of dollars (maybe).

But no longer! With the fan-made Rockman Fan AR App for Android, you can now have one of these adorable robots with you via an Android powered phone or tablet. Using print out cards (which are available on the app's store page), you can make Data or a Servbot appear anywhere you like via augmented reality technology. You can take photos, too!

Best of all, the app is entirely free. Perhaps more characters will be added down the road. But for now, a cute way to show your Legends support!

News Credit: Gary and Nathan of 100,000 Strong for Mega Man Legends 3