Capcom Confounds with Newest Sound Ranger Addition

Capcom Confounds with Newest Sound Ranger Addition

As some of you may have heard, Capcom has a new game in Japan for mobile devices. Titled Sound Rangers: Rhythm & Battle, it is reportedly very much like what the title implies: A combination of Super Sentai style heroes with the rhythm-based gameplay of such titles as Elite Beat Agents/Osu! Tatakae! Ouendan.

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Mega Man Legends 3 Devroom Digest

There is much hustle and bustle within Capcom's special Mega Man Legends 3 Project Devroom, and between judging contests, reflecting on what once was, pondering what we hope one day will be, and other fun stuff... well, a few things have slipped through the cracks. But fear not! For those of you who have not been adhering to your daily Servbot duties, we present the following Devroom Digest of happenings for you to delve into. Since the winning Reaverbot design was announced:

  • Kinako spent some time with Director Eguchi, perhaps better known to some as "Mr. Famous." That's right, the same guy from the Mega Man Battle Network series. And yes, he really does dress the way you see in the image at right-- click and see for yourselves!

    Interestingly enough, part of what he was doing on this day was trying to sell people from Capcom's "upper tier" on the game, something which he was nervous about. On top of that, there was a bit of a slight mishap, which you can read about in part three, and on to the meeting itself in part four (featuring an official's reaction to Eguchi's attire). They even show off the game to the officials in part five, but since we are not allowed to see it, the game has been covered by Servbot heads.

  • A second edition of "A Zenny for Your Thoughts" comes to a close with a winner, as participants pondered why our favorite "Blue Boy" is called "MegaMan."
  • Have you felt that despite the participation of fans, there is still a bit of a barrier between the Mega Man Legends 3 Development team and the Devroom users? It seems that Director Eguchi (and one of his seniors) feel the same way, and are declaring their resolve to set this right, and make the Devroom Project something truly unique and unprecedented.
  • Greg reports in to notify us of a Devroom Prizing Event, where Devroom users can suggest prizes for future Devroom contests. And that itself has become a contest, with the winner receiving a Servbot Bobble Budd!
  • Here, they continue their look at the process and progress of recording the lines for Legends' newest heroine, Aero! In addition to the Japanese side of things, they also delve into some Q&A about the English version.
  • One of the programmers, Fujikawa, posted an updated on what they've been doing. And this update is full of intrigue, as he attempts to "just push the boundaries of disclosure, at the risk of being censored." And indeed he was! Click the link to take a stab at guessing what Capcom is covering up.

And that's all she-- er, they wrote! Whew! Not bad for the course of one week.

Play with Aero, Check Devroom Updates

Here's a really fun way to spend five minutes. Capcom of Japan has put up an embedded model viewer of Aero's in game model, which you can spin around and zoom to any position of your liking. It's like getting to have a taste of the 3DS before the 3DS is even released! Of course, this particular model doesn't seem to have any active shaders (wow, I learned something from that previous report). Hopefully we'll get more models to peruse soon. The Devroom is currently getting various other updates as well. Both Yamanaka and Uratani have posts concerning integrating voice acting into Legends 3. Kinako also chimes in reminding that the Reaverbot design contest winner and runner ups will be announced this coming Monday, the 14th. And finally, rocket completion status is up to 13 percent. A nice bit of progress, but we still have a long ways to go!

Aero's 3D Model in Completion

So have you been keeping up with all the details at the Devroom on how modeling a character works? Your homework is due today! Your model should look just like this one here. Don't tell me you've been slacking off!

Oh well, grades aside, here is Aero's completed 3D model, which ought to give us a pretty good idea how other models in the game are going to look. Seems to be something of a cel-shaded-esque style, though a bit crisper compared to the models from the PSX titles. Personally I'm glad they kept the expressive face textures as opposed to trying to model the entire face.

Check out the full report at the Devroom for all the lovely UV mapping and shader talk!

Akemi Kanda Chosen for Aero

You may remember sometime back, a Japanese exclusive event for Legends 3 allowed fans to vote on their favorite voice talent for Aero. They were to select from one of three mystery contributors. Nearly a month and 3,000 votes later, the favored voice talent is entry #1, who turns out to be Akemi Kanda. Of course this doesn't really affect us, unless you're one of those crazy importer types. But nonetheless, what do you think? You can hear the original samples in our previous post.

Aero Update, and More on Devroom Recruitment Video

When we last looked in on the creation of the fan-chosen third Legends girl Aero, her character model had just begun to take form as Capcom's developers worked towards making her appear like the illustration fans voted for.

As you can see in the images above, there has been progress: she now has a face! And bangs, too, among other features.

Over on Capcom Unity, Koike-san gives a detailed progress report, noting that she is still quite a ways from resembling her concept art, but "rest assured, we’re just getting started here!"

Days four through seven are covered, with her eyes, goggles, chaps, and shoulders all receiving a bit of work. Plus, you too can learn about UV Mapping, which helps in the application of detail for her outfit.

Elsewhere, Legends 3 Director Mazakazu Eguchi has updated his blog with a post which further details the promotional trailer we were privy to earlier.

Among other things, he talks about the decision to produce the video, which began in early December and took around three weeks to assemble:

Appointed to this hefty responsibility was our Assistant Producer, Tomita-san, who immediately called for a strategic meeting. He, Art Director Ishihara-san, and I quickly congregated in the meeting room.

. . . What was to go in this video? Short on time, we had to decide, and fast. Plus, with the entire development staff's schedules stuffed to the brim, there was no time to create brand new video content. . . .

"In that case, get some actors in here and we'll do a live action thing!"

"Who's gonna fund that little venture?!"

"Then I, Eguchi, shall do the acting!"

"Since when did you have that kinda time?"

We bickered like that for about an hour before we finally pinned down some sense of direction.

Eguchi also reveals that the seeming overabundance of information was a deliberate decision, one that would hopefully encourage fans viewing it to watch it repeatedly to get everything out of it.

(Clearly, they didn't count on our own Heat Man screencapping and analyzing it...)

With that said, has the video helped to increase your excitement for the upcoming game, and perhaps to participate further in its development?

Aero is named Aero

The identity crisis is officially over. Though she sported the name "Sephira" for a little while, Aero will now be known in the west as... Aero! Hopefully this is what most of you wanted anyway.Because that's how it is now. No slap backs. Personally I was a little indifferent, and found strengths and weaknesses in both names. But Aero is fine! Now if we could only do something about that hair.

(just kidding that's fine too)

Aero (?) in the Making

So far we've had some interesting projects in contributing to Mega Man Legends 3 development, but I don't think modeling characters is one thing we'll be handed. And if you think the above image doesn't look too complicated, just check out the process that went into making it! This is Aero's 3D model in the works. And I do find it pretty curious that she is now being called Aero in the Capcom Unity Devroom... Did last week's poll have some influence?

There are also other updates in the Devroom from Kinako and Yuji. Check them out!

Aero or Sephira? You Make The Call

Were you a little distraught when you found out Aero's name would become Sephira in the US release of Mega Man Legends 3? Or do you actually like Sephira better? Whichever way you feel, you can make your voice heard on Capcom Unity. Although this won't for certain lead to a name change, Capcom is interested in hearing what you have to say on the matter, and it may very well influence the final decision. Check out the poll on Unity now! Personally I think they should go with Sephaero. Who's with me?

Capcom Japan Opens Aero Voice Talent Voting

Over at the Japan side of the Legends 3 devroom, Capcom of Japan is opening a voting poll for Aero's (aka Sephira here) voice talent. Three potential actresses have been selected, but their names and personal information will not be published. Instead, users will vote based solely on the sound samples available. Each user has one vote to give for the performer who sounds the most "Aero-ish," and voting will run from now until January 11th. This activity has yet to be announced at the Western devroom, and because it pertains to voice talent it may not be a simultaneous contest. We will keep you updated, however. Additionally there are some other updates. You can download a lovely winter themed Legends 3 wallpaper here, along with Servbot icons and a Servbot background for Twitter. And finally, the Rocket progress has been boosted to 5%. Look at that! Our first progress!

The Western devroom should be updating in kind by tomorrow.

Update: Speaking with jgonzo from Capcom Unity, this new event appears to be a Japanese exclusive. Joveth states: "While this event will only be for Japan, we have something cooking up to keep Western devroom members busy during the holidays, in addition to event #3."

Update 2: While we may have no bearing on this event, I still did manage to get the voice samples for your perusal. Check them out after the break, along with translation.

Entry #1 [audio:|titles=entry1]

Entry #2 [audio:|titles=entry2]

Entry #3 [audio:|titles=entry3]

I argued with Papa again! Ugh, he's so unbelievable!

I need to cool off, take me some place!

Alrighty! I'll operate my best!

What're you looking at!? Hey, pay attention!

Oh, it's closed? Is it a holiday or something? Oooohh, I wanted to eat some takoyaki...

Aaah, that was scary... but, so fun, too!

Wow, honest to goodness air pirates! It's only a signal but it reeks of them!

The Reaverbot's getting closer!

Uuuuummm... sorry... I dunno!

We'll do whatever we want! We don't care what the police say!

Given some of these lines, it is plausible that Sephira is serving as spotter for Mega Man instead of Roll. Very curious...

Legends 3 Devroom Kicks Off

At least in Japan, so far. The Capcom of Japan side of the Devroom has opened, and already it has roughly 500 members! That's a lot of Servbots! Members join the Devroom by signing up through the Daletto blog service, it seems. But if you're on the Western side of things, just hold your horses. The western branch of the Devroom should be launching on Capcom Unity within the next 24 hours, I'd imagine. (We will update when this occurs.) So far we already have some interesting details. If you recall the heroine contest from before, Komaki's design has now been made "Legendary," as you can see pictured right. However, her name is no longer Lilly, it's Aero (エアロ) Sephira. You can check out the process taken to make the finalized design here.

Additionally, we have some more details on the Bonne Mecha design contest. Registered users will be able to submit designs until midnight, November 29th, Japan time. Then from November 30th to December 5th, viewers will be able to vote on their favorite designs. The top ten voted designs will then go to the development staff, who will make the final decisions on what design to use. It appears all entrants will receive 2,000 zenny, five finalists of those will receive 100,000 zenny, and the grand prize winner will be rewarded with 1,000,000 zenny, their design (and name) in the game, and will be able to choose a premium Servbot number (1~41).

All progress is represented by the percentage of the rocket's completion, which so far is a scant 1%. It looks like we have a lot of work ahead of us!

Update: Apparently there was some initial confusion. Capcom actually intended the heroine's name to be Sephira! Whoops!