Results for the ASIAGRAPH 2011 Rockman Award

This one probably hasn't been on a lot of minds, but ASIAGRAPH finally announced their results from judging their special Rockman themed digital arts contest, and held their main exhibition in Tokyo on October 20~22. I'd have liked to have seen it actually, but it slipped my mind too, not to mention Tokyo isn't exactly down the street from me. The grand prize winner was the work "Battlefield" by VOFAN of Taiwan (pictured right). ASIAGRAPH has posted many of the winning pictures organized by their placement in the judging, though unfortunately they're merely cropped thumbnails. However, you can also jump over to Rockman Unity, where Ucchy-san has a report on the exhibition with his own photographs of many of the works being displayed.

I sure hope they release prints of these or some such. I'd pay good money to have this fantastic artwork brightening up my room!

Thanks to Amunshen for the tip!

A Taste of ASIAGRAPH's Rockman Exhibit

Back in February, it was announced that the ASIAGRAPH group would be featuring Rockman for an upcoming exhibit. Digital artists from all around Asia were invited to submit their work fir display and a chance to win prizes. Although the main exhibit isn't planned until October, a kick off event was recently held at Cafe ASAN displaying some of the works received from the first round of submissions.

Along with the exhibit, speeches were given by members from ASIAGRAPH, Comic Toranoana (who is also sponsoring the event) and Capcom. Also, Ucchy-san was on hand give out special Rockman DASH 3 poster cards. You can check out more photos from's report, which certainly shows a wide variety of styles and themes. What do you think of these initial pieces?

Rockman Selected as ASIAGRAPH 2011 Mascot

So hey, you know that whole ASIAGRAPH event in Japan, right? Yeah, me neither. But it seems this celebration of digital art and culture has selected Rockman (Mega Man) as its theme for this year's event, and this is a big enough deal that Capcom of Japan issued a press release over the matter:

This year, Capcom's Mega Man has been selected to be the theme for the CG Art Gallery Mascot Exhibition. Since the release of the first Mega Man game on the Nintendo Entertainment System in 1987, the series has gone on to sell over 28 million units and is one of Capcom's key franchises. Mega Man has reached the hearts of many around the world through not just his video games, but through TV anime series, movies, comics, character goods, and several other types of media as well. For this event, however, the theme will focus on Mega Man as a video game icon.

Capcom would like to take this opportunity with an internationally recognized event to support the various designs of Mega Man coming in from future creators. This will not only brew continued support from the Mega Man fans around the world, but will increase awareness and support for the Mega Man brand.

So it seems many digital artists will be presenting their take on Mega Man. Interesting. Submissions for the event are being taken starting right now until March 24th, and a secondary submission time is planned between May and July. Artists can submit still images or animations, and have a chance at winning various prizes, including a grand prize ¥200,000. The event itself will take place in Tokyo, running from October 20th through the 22nd.

News Credit: CAP Kobun