Another Mega Man Fan Game to Try

mmrockforceWith all the fan games coming out lately, here's a recently released one that may have fallen below the radar. This is "Mega Man Rock Force" for Windows PC by GoldwaterDLS. After two years in development, the faux 8-bit title came out late last month. In this game, Mega Man has formed a team of heroes, including the original Dr. Light robots and the new robot Justice Man. They will stand up against the likes of Photon Man, Circuit Man and Charade Man in a new threat. I haven't had much time to play with it myself (and I'm terrible with keyboard controls), so feel free to leave your thoughtful reviews in the comments. Thanks for the tip, spd12!

8-Bit Legends 3 Prototype Version Demo Now Available

mml38bit The day has finally come for you to try out Mega Man Legends 3. Well the fan made 8-bit version of the game's cancelled Prototype, anyway. Get Me Off The Moon has released the concept demo, which includes a gauntlet stage requiring you to destroy 50 enemies as Barrett (the same showed off at Mega Rock Fan Festa).

It's important to note that the game requires your PC to be set to Japan regional mode to work, which you can do in your regional settings. You can also download a program from Microsoft which will let you run it without having to change your settings. Check the GMOTM post for more details on how to do this.

While I know some are tired of the 8-bit trend (I raise my own hand here too), Barrett's extended abilities give a nice twist to the classic formula, and I'm interested in seeing how they're put to use in other situations. It's definitely worth your time to try.