Mega Man's First Foray into 3D?

Well, not necessarily as far as games go, but here's a neat piece of merchandise I've not come across before. This is a 300 piece 3D puzzle for the game Rockman 6, released back in 1993. By 3D, I mean both the featured artwork is 3D, and the puzzle itself creates a stereoscopic image. The box front seemingly shows both frames used to create the 3D effect. Pretty cool, though I wish they could've made a more exciting scene...

Right now this puzzle is being auctioned on Yahoo Auctions and sits at a measly ¥350 (roughly $4.50 US) - a great value IMO, though I can't attest for its quality. And truthfully, I can't say with any certainty if this really is the first 3D image of Mega Man, but it's gotta be close!

News Credit: CAP Kobun

Aero's 3D Model in Completion

So have you been keeping up with all the details at the Devroom on how modeling a character works? Your homework is due today! Your model should look just like this one here. Don't tell me you've been slacking off!

Oh well, grades aside, here is Aero's completed 3D model, which ought to give us a pretty good idea how other models in the game are going to look. Seems to be something of a cel-shaded-esque style, though a bit crisper compared to the models from the PSX titles. Personally I'm glad they kept the expressive face textures as opposed to trying to model the entire face.

Check out the full report at the Devroom for all the lovely UV mapping and shader talk!

Aero (?) in the Making

So far we've had some interesting projects in contributing to Mega Man Legends 3 development, but I don't think modeling characters is one thing we'll be handed. And if you think the above image doesn't look too complicated, just check out the process that went into making it! This is Aero's 3D model in the works. And I do find it pretty curious that she is now being called Aero in the Capcom Unity Devroom... Did last week's poll have some influence?

There are also other updates in the Devroom from Kinako and Yuji. Check them out!