Capcom and Banpresto Team Up for Mega Man/Monster Hunter Crossover Goods

Capcom and Banpresto Team Up for Mega Man/Monster Hunter Crossover Goods

Capcom and Banpresto are teaming up to bring a variety of Monste Hunter  crossover goods in honor of Capcom's 30th anniversary. Thus, Banpresto's Ichiban Kuji line will be releasing Feyline straps and figures adorned as various Capcom characters, including Mega Man.

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Sample Capcom's 30th Anniversary Music Album

As we reported late last month, Capcom of Japan is releasing a 30th anniversary album containing both original and arranged versions of popular music from 10 of their series spanning the decades. Tonight they've also put out a cross fade demo of some of the tracks on the album. You can jump to 2:00 to hear an arrangement of Cut Man's theme by Tetsu x Neko (of Team Nekocan), and 3:00 to hear an arrangement of Armored Armadillo's themed by Deadball P. The album also contains the original versions of these tracks.

Given that the two disc set is said to contain over 40 tracks, there may be yet more Mega Man music in store. The album will release September 25th for ¥3、150 and come with a 16 page color booklet.

News Credit: GoNintendo

Mega Man and X Partake in Capcom 30th Anniversary Album

30thalbumTo celebrate 30 years of games, Capcom of Japan is releasing a special two disc anniversary album. The album covers ten of Capcom's series, including Mega Man and Mega Man X. Over 40 tracks will be present on the two discs. The first disc is the "Original" disc, containing the direct game audio of tracks representing the best of the series (so expect Wily's stage theme from Mega Man 2). The other disc, the "Arrange" disc, will contain tracks arranged by  over 10 game loving artists, including representation from SOUND HOLIC (who released last year's ROCKMAN HOLIC), and Tetsu x Neko of Team Nekocan (Can't Beat Airman). The album will release in Japan on September 25th for ¥3,150 (roughly $32 US). As far as I'm concerned, I can always go for more Mega Man and Mega Man X music.

News Credit: CAP Kobun

Capcom and Zoff Collaborate to Make Mega Man Themed Glasses

zoff In celebration of their 30th anniversary, Capcom of Japan is teaming up with glasses manufacturer Zoff for some special Capcom themed glasses designs. This includes Mega Man, as well as series like Ace Attorney, Sengoku Basara, Devil May Cry, Resident Evil and Ghouls 'n Ghosts. Actual designs aren't shown yet, but the collaboration is specifically with sprite style pictures like shown here, so they ought to feature somehow.

The glasses are planned to go on sale in Japan towards the end of fall.

News Credit: Famitsu (via CAP Kobun)