Rockman X DiVE Roundup - 9/7/19

This is going to be a quick ‘n dirty one, so let’s get right down to it, shall we?

September 1st, a new trailer was posted featuring X going through the Highway and Gallery stages:

【Mega Man X DiVE】Watch Out!
Data Error! Monsters got wrong way to go!
Let's find out which monsters should not be in the maps of Highway and Gallery!

September 2nd, three pictures of three Hunters with three weapons you’ll be able to use, mixing and matching things up a bit:

Guess Axl can always count on X to lend a hand, eh?

【Mega Man X DiVE】Step into Deep Log

Hunters may have recognized the world of RXD already!
Today, we're gonna reveal weapons you'll get as you step into "Deep Log"!

On September 3rd, a new video featuring RiCO introduces her once again, as well as explaining the premise once more.

【Mega Man X DiVE】RiCO the Navigator
Feeling alone and strange once you step into Deep Log?
RiCO will be with you whenever you encounter difficulties!

Have your first meet with RiCO in CBT event since Sep.12 (GMT+8)!

And from there, there’s little else of general interest. A reminder about the upcoming Closed Beta Test and some FAQs about it are there, confirming languages (Traditional Chinese, English, and Japanese, with more to come) and reaffirming there will be an iOS version later.

That’s it for now, but if you want to keep on top of new updates as they happen, head over and “Like” the official Rockman X DiVE Facebook page. Otherwise, I’ll be back here next week!