Rockman X DiVE Roundup - 9/14/19

With the Closed Beta Test now underway, news has been kind of slow on the Rockman X DiVE front for the past week — at least, as far as the official Facebook page is concerned, as they’re mostly addressing concerns of the CBT players and instructing them on how to enable various options.

Of course, that doesn’t mean there isn’t any news at all — that would be patently absurd. Since some English users have joined in the test, they’ve provided us with some video footage of the game in action, giving us a better idea of what the whole thing is all about.

ShadowRockZX, for example, has a direct feed gameplay video which shows off the entirety of the first chapter (the Highway stage), as well as the introduction, menu tour, and tutorials:

That isn’t all; further videos show off the subsequent chapters, the Player Versus Player mode, ripped music from the game, and an Axl showcase, too. Just head over to his channel to check all of that out.

On top of all that, it would appear there has been some datamining going on, revealing four new playable characters: Black Zero, Steel Massimo, Second Armor X, and the previously-seen Cinnamon (full resolution images here, while 3D models can be viewed here). Protodude notes that they aren’t available in the beta, but with their files in the game, they should be available in the final, and adds that the game is being made with longevity in mind, so virtually anything could be on the table (with the Capcom Taiwan team taking requests).

More has been discovered, but some of it might be considered a spoiler (much more so than the above, in my humble opinion), so I’ll leave it to you to decide whether you want to find out now by clicking this link.

Finally, pobody’s nerfect — that’s why there’s a Closed Beta Test at all! House of Gaming demonstrates this with their first-day livestream of the game, which shows off a few glitches, such as “the entire Into stage with a T-Posed X and two more stages with an invisible X except for the Rifle weapon floating in midair along with all enemies being invisible.”

If you visit the video on YouTube, you can quickly jump to where each issue comes up via the links in the top comment.

And that’s pretty much it for this week. Stay tuned, as there’s no doubt more to come!