Retro-Bit Announces First Ever Official Mega Man: The Wily Wars Cartridges in North America

Well, doesn’t this just beat all?

Mere months after SEGA revealed that Mega Man: The Wily Wars would be a part of the SEGA Genesis Mini’s lineup of 42 games, its first proper official release in a tangible form in North America, Retro-Bit Gaming (who produce the reproduction Genesis/Mega Drive and SEGA Saturn controllers compatible with the aforementioned Mini console) drops this bombshell on us from Gamescom 2019, via their Twitter:

Only physically released in Japan and Europe, we are bringing #MegaMan Wily Wars to North America for both #Genesis & #MegaDrive -- Get ready for a collector's edition that includes many extras! More details on this release will come soon! #Gamescom2019 #retrogaming #Capcom

Details are scarce at the moment, but what we have at the moment is enough to make a Mega Man/Genesis lover drool. (‘Scuse me while I wipe the slobber from my keyboard.) Not only does the game come on a shiny Mega blue cartridge, but the box itself calls back to the original SEGA Genesis styling as well.

“But wait,” you might be saying. “The North American version was going to have different box art, like this!”

And if you’re indeed saying that, then I say what you lack in taste, you make up for in desiring authenticity. (I kid, of course.)

But MPG put the question to Retro-Bit on Twitter, and they answered “The artwork we went with is what Capcom approved. :P “

Pressed further about making it a reversible cover, they added “This artwork was approved for the reveal. There is still plenty to do. ;) “, which suggests that it isn’t out of the question.

Even further, though, the version shown is apparently the Mega Drive version that Retro-Bit Europe came up with for Gamescom, so a Genesis version may yet be different anyway.

Voultar (love that name, for some reason) asks if the price is going to be $100 USD, much like another company who offered official Mega Man reproduction carts in the recent past. “We don't have finalized pricing just yet but we haven't sold a CE that's been over $100. We hope to share more details soon,” they cheerfully responded.

Finally, while they’re not spilling the beans just yet, you might have noticed some Mega Man figures in the picture they shared, and those might have something to do with the extras mentioned. When Protodude asked about them, they note that the figure prototypes can be seen in this stream:

And that’s everything for now! More news as it comes, of course, but who else is eager to hear more?