Rockman X DiVE Roundup - 8/16/19

Wow, has it been another week already? Let’s see what’s new in the world of Rockman X DiVE this week.

First up, for August 12th, we have a new video that brings together the forces of Zero and… Vile?!

Yep, these two former colleagues are working together once again to show off the game’s co-op system. “Let's Fight Together! Unity is Strength!” says the developer diary.

August 13th was International Left Handers Day for 2019, and with that, the Facebook page put out a poll asking how many fans were southpaws. In the process, it gave them a chance to show off a better look at Command Mission X’s new art, wherein he sports the X-Buster on his left hand, as opposed to the right on his normal form.

At the moment, the ongoing poll (which ends in three days from this writing) shows 37 percent are left-handed to 63 percent right. Incidentally, X seems to be ambidextrous.

On August 14th, it’s finally Axl’s time to shine! Here’s art comparing his Rockman X DiVE version to when he debuted in Mega Man X7, as well as his model for the new game:

Interestingly, the developer diary describes Axl’s armor as “black,” though it’s always looked more like a deep blue to me.

【Mega Man X DiVE】Developer Diary📙
📍Character File -Axl
“Maybe I can figure out who am I by join Maverick Hunter......"

First appearance in 《Mega Man X7》.
He is a Reploid that has black armour and spiky orange hair.

Axl is a teenager-like Reploid, but there is no official record about him.

As a bonus, the more direct translation lends a slightly different context:

There is no memory of my own origin.
There are no official records of juvenile robots either.

A fun little bit of world building that will probably go nowhere, but only time will tell.

Also on August 14th, it appears that the contest has drawn to a close, and they’re showing off the winners.

In addition, here’s the finished version of the X image autographed by Keisuke Mizuno:

For August 15th, they ask fans to comment on who their favorite character revealed thus far is, along with the following graphic:

Saaaaay, who’s that silhouette back there? Could that be Ferham, from Mega Man X Command Mission? Most of the details match up, but not the tubes — unless that’s her infamous whip wrapping around in some interesting ways.

Finally, for today, August 16th, we finally get to see who that other silhouette (and the image appearing alongside Pallette last week) is!

【Mega Man X DiVE】Signal from Deep Log📙
CBT Recruiting Event is about to end!
Besides much more news we released today,
here also comes a new character "RiCO",
who is dubbed by the famous CV "Ueda Reina"!
Wanna know more about RiCO?
Let's stay tuned.

Her name as given here is “RiCO” (stylized like “DiVE” in the title), though the more direct translation also puts “Lily” in parenthesis after.

Interestingly enough, there’s still more. While that’s everything from the Facebook page, Capcom Taiwan’s YouTube page added the following two videos just earlier today. Let’s see what they’ve got for us.

First up is a PVP system. “Unprecedented system of Mega Man Series. Are you ready to fight with gamers over the world?”

Then there is the Chip System:

【Mega Man X DiVE】Developer Diary📙 📍Chip System Defeat the Bosses for getting their "Chip"! Equip them on to use skills of Bosses!

Pretty straightforward. Looks like Reploids aren’t the only ones whose powers you can replicate this time. Which boss would you like to replicate the abilities of?

And that’s it for this week! No Cinnamon, but I think what we got here makes up for it, and there’s always tomorrow.

Check back here around the end of next week for more, or if you can’t wait that long, be sure to head over and “Like” the official Rockman X DiVE Facebook page!