Rockman X DiVE Roundup - 8/10/19

Another week, and another batch of updates on Rockman X DiVE, which is coming soon to iOS and Android courtesy of Capcom Taiwan, with a worldwide release planned for sometime later. If you missed the updates from last week, you can check those out here.

August 3rd saw a familiar face with a new look, as Alia — whose presence was already revealed in the original graphic for the game — has gotten a little bit of a revision since Mega Man X8. Here are the two versions side-by-side:

As a fan of Alia, I have to say I like the slightly-tweaked new look. I enjoyed her Mega Man X8 redesign, but this seems to bring it just a little more in line with the more traditional X series look that DiVE has been incorporating thus far.

The post also provides the following bio, roughly translated:

【Mega Man X DiVE】Developer Diary📙
📍Character File -Alia
One of a few female-robot of the “Irregular Hunters”, Alia is good at analyzing enemies for X and frontline. She also maintains Mecha for X and even researches DNA data of robots; sometimes she fight in the battlefield as well. As a researcher of the robots with self-consciousness in the past, her status is more indispensable.

Last week, the updated Command Mission X profile asked if we “notice his special mecha?” Knowing what we do about Alia, maybe “Mecha” is referring to armor here, since we know that’s what she’s historically helped maintain for the enigmatically complex Reploid.

August 4th, we get a new video about the game’s Weapon System, starring Zero:

Here, we get to see the SA Class Hunter use his signature Z-Saber, a rifle, and my personal favorite, a Gatling gun. I always sort of imagined an X series Gatling gun being arm-mounted, like in Mega Man Battle Network, but there’s a certain style with the traditional form that you kind of have to appreciate.

The corresponding post says “You may smoothly use your weapon in game,” which seems to be translated from “Free use of weapons in game.” I think that means you can swap them out freely as you wish?

August 5th began a contest to show off your Mega Man collection and get people to “Like” your post in order to qualify for a spot in the beta, if I’m not mistaken. Two-hundred will make the cut, and the top three numbers of those will get an autographed version of this art:

If you’re interested, the contest is open until the 18th, and you can see what’s needed here. Yes, that means English-speakers can join! Just know that you’re going to need an Android device in order to take part in the beta.

August 6th gives us a closer look at another character that had been teased in the main graphic, Marino!

Not as different as Alia, and sadly without a comparison shot, but it’s still nice to see more Marino in the mix. The following developer diary entry was included with the post:

【Mega Man X DiVE】Developer Diary📙
📍Character File -Marino

“All I know is to protect my partner and follow my own rules."

First appearance in 《Mega Man X》.
Marino is a female ninja Reploid that with green hair.

She is targeting to steal new information and technology.
Joined X's group for saving Cinnamon from Dr. Psyche.

I wonder what the “First appearance in 《Mega Man X》” means.

The following day, August 7th, brings us another face we’re a little more familiar with, yet have never actually seen (the face, I mean): Vile.

While the comparison shot calls all the way back to his original design in Mega Man X, the redesign is clearly following the tweaked design from Mega Man: Maverick Hunter X more closely.

【Mega Man X DiVE】Developer Diary📙
📍Character File -Vile
“Fighting is just for destroy."

First appearance in 《Mega Man X》.
Vile was in Sigma's 17th Elite Unit, and he is very strong.

Because of a short circuit in his electronic brain, he is eagerly to destroy.
Vile likes hunting in the missions, but finally he was defeated by X.

Funny how the rougher translations provide clearer meaning sometimes. In this case, the quote used there is “participate in the fight, just to satisfy the desire of destruction.........”

On August 8th, we get a Pallette swap!

I guess after Alia, they didn’t want to bother comparing character models anymore? In any case, like Alia, we get to see the Mega Man X8 design modified into something just slightly more “normal” for the majority of the series. And she’s still rocking her 1950’s looking space ray gun, too!

【Mega Man X DiVE】Developer Diary📙
📍Character File -Pallette
“Let me help you to finding hidden items."

One of the navigators that appearance in 《Mega Man X8》.

She is good at analyzing routes through stages and finding hidden areas.
As a developer, Pallete take charge of new chips and abilities.

Finally, the August 9th update gives us this interesting look at the character design process, but it’s not the process that makes it interesting:

The left-hand portion of the second image; the design looks similar to Iris, yet is distinct at virtually every comparable level. Could that be our silhouetted mystery character? The developer diary doesn’t shed any light on it:

【Mega Man X DiVE】Developer Diary📙
📍[Character Creation]
Designed by the artists team,
Led by Mizuno Keisuke,
The artist of Mega Man X Series.
Let’s keep an eye on how they’ve been created...

And while I said “finally” on that last post, that’s not entirely true. There was an update today, but only to establish the current rankings for the collections contest. As of their posting, yours will need more than 121 “Likes” in order to make it into the Top 3, while besting 35 should get you into the Top 10.

Incidentally, if you’d like to help our pal ShadowRockZX get in so he can cover the beta, here’s his entry. It looks like he’s a lock, but better safe than sorry, right?

That’s well and truly it for this week! I imagine that the next week should get us a comparison shot of Cinnamon, as she’s the only character on the reveal graphic that isn’t X, Zero, or Axl who has yet to be shown.

Check back here around the end of next week for more, or if you can’t wait that long, be sure to head over and “Like” the official Rockman X DiVE Facebook page!