Mighty Gunvolt Burst is About to Get Steamed

At Anime Expo 2019 on Wednesday, July 3rd, Inti Creates Chief Executive Officer Takuya Aizu and Producer/Localization Editor Matt Papa hosted a panel about creating action games with lots of characters. Fittingly enough, it was there that Noisy Pixel reports they revealed their retro-styled crossover title, Mighty Gunvolt Burst, would be coming to Steam on July 31st.

Unfortunately (and unusually), there hasn’t been a press release issued yet with further details. I’ve reached out to Inti Creates to see if there’s any more information to behold, but as of press time, I’ve not heard anything back. Nevertheless, they would go on to verify it on their Twitter, adding that the price tag will be $9.99 USD. Gunvolt, Beck, and Ekoro will all be included to start, and all downloadable characters will be available on Day One.

In lieu of a new trailer, here’s the original from when the game came to the Nintendo Switch and Nintendo 3DS in 2017:

For what it’s worth, I loved the game when I reviewed it here a couple of years ago. It provides a new twist on the Mega Man style of action platforming gameplay through its customization features, and generally speaking, I feel like it’s closer to the kind of game I was hoping for when Mighty No. 9 was first announced. In that way, it’s provided some redemption for Beck and his friends to some of those who felt that his own game didn’t quite cut it.

Thanks to Santiago for the tip!