Chill Out with The Fully Charged Podcast, Bruh

Happy Fourth of July, USA! And for everyone else, happy fourth of July to you, as well!

Unfortunately, we don’t have any fireworks or barbecues to celebrate with, but what we do have is a brand-new episode of The Fully Charged Podcast for you to enjoy! And with the summer heat setting in, what better subject for the episode than the literal-minded bot with the heart of cold, Ice Man, in “Chill Out, Bruh”?

In addition, Protodude, ShadowRockZX, and myself also talk about the latest happenings in the world of Mega Man merchandise with Sentinel and Kotobukiya’s new X figures.

So listen in, and chill out:

If the above embed is too hot for you to handle, you can instead go directly to SoundCloud, or download the episode off of Apple Podcasts or Google Play Music. The hosting fee is ours, but the choice is yours!