More Rockman X DiVE Info Surfaces

Just two days after its announcement, Capcom Taiwan’s latest entry into the mobile series, Rockman X DiVE (as seems to be its proper stylization) has more info and such for us to dive into. (Hopefully this is it for the rest of the week; I leave for Otakon in the morning).

First and foremost comes a new trailer, featuring some gameplay:

We don’t get to see a whole lot going on here, including any playable characters besides X, but a few major things do stand out. One is that there seems to be a minor cooldown function in effect, encouraging a swap between the X Buster and the Z Saber, which we can be thankful he’s better at using than he was in Mega Man X6. Woo, look at him spin!

The other is arguably a less welcome change, but perhaps a more necessary one, given the game’s target platform. Remember lock-on targeting in Mega Man X7? Yeah, that’s back, and personally speaking, I’m not exactly thrilled. While it was somewhat handy in 3D sections, I feel like it hampered the 2D ones.

On the other hand, Protodude says that this game is built on a modified version of the game engine from Mega Man: Maverick Hunter X. My hope is that this means that the targeting system is something new, and is optimized to work more effectively in a 2D game that happens to have 3D graphics, rather than the mess that was a 3D game masquerading at times as a 2D game.

If you’re interested in a deeper “dive,” then check out ShadowRockZX’s new video looking at the trailer in further depth:

In addition, Gematsu (via ShadowRockZX’s video above) says that Capcom has confirmed that Rockman X DiVE (they call it “Mega Man X DiVE,” but I’m not sure an official western name has been given yet) will indeed see a worldwide release — in 2019, no less!

Finally, via Protodude’s Rockman Corner, Android Central and have reported that ASUS has announced a new mobile device called the ROG Phone II that seems to play heavily into the plans for Rockman X DiVE.

You know that Switch-like device shown in the initial reveal? It looks like this is it — specifically the extremely Switch-like “ROG Kunai Gamepad” accessory.

If you want more info on the device, feel free to click the links above. As for the game, per the image above, the game is optimized to work with the Kunai Gamepad and runs at 120Hz. What’s more, it seems ROG II users will get some exclusive content in the form of a gun and some wallpaper.

If you decide to zoom in, you can also see four new screens, showing off a combination of characters and enemies in places/games they shouldn’t be in, as the game’s premise indicates. Per Protodude:

These images feature four playable characters: X, Zero, Alia and Marino. Note that Marino is fighting Moah the Giant (X3) on Central Highway (X1) and Alia is fighting CF-0 (X2) at Flame Mammoth's stage (X1).

In addition, Alia’s using Zero’s Z Buster (or X’s enhanced Buster from the first game), so swapping out weapons seems to go beyond X just using Zero’s saber for old times’ sake.

If the ROG II interests you, that’s coming September 4th, and Android Central says they won’t be surprised if it retails for over $1,000 USD. As for Rockman X DiVE, a release date more specific than “2019” has yet to emerge.