Capcom Taiwan Announces Rockman X Dive for Mobile

Hey, remember that tweet Protodude said we’d all want to “remember in a few months”?

Well, precisely a few months (and one week) later, we now know what he was talking about, as Capcom Taiwan has announced a brand new mobile action role playing game in the Rockman X (Mega Man X, if you must) series titled Rockman X Dive.

The game carries with it a strange sort of meta premise, in which the world of Mega Man X has been scrambled by a virus/glitch that sees such strangeness as, per given example, being able to play as Cinnamon in a stage from Mega Man X4.

As the player, who seems to have become data yourself, you’ve somehow been tasked with fixing this mess.

Going by what Protodude’s spilled about the title, the game runs on a modified version of the engine used in Mega Man: Maverick Hunter X, and plays much as you’d expect from that style of game, even supporting controllers. The aim is for a quality comparable to a home console release, even though it’s mobile-only.

Apparently, a lot of “actual” Mega Man fans have been developing this title for the last 18 months or so, and you’ll be able to control multiple characters from throughout the series. There were also plans early on to allow you to create your own Reploid, but whether that’s still in or not is unknown.

There might be a public beta coming soon, and there are “little to no” gatcha elements, but microtransactions can’t be ruled out entirely at this point.

As it stands, the game is set to be released in Hong Kong, Macau, and Taiwan later this year. Fair enough, Taiwan made it, after all. Fortunately, for those interested, a global version is apparently in the works as well. And, as USgamer points out, the word “free” is mentioned on the official website, so you do the math (Hint: The answer is probably 0 [Not Zero, but he’s clearly in, too]).

Oh, and before you somehow jump to the conclusion that this means Mega Man X9 isn’t happening now, Protodude mentions on Twitter that “This doesn't mean that at all. The intent of this game is to leverage MMX in regions that Capcom views as ‘untapped’ for mobile profits” and “X9 will come in due time for wholely <sic> different reasons.”

Sources: GamerBraves (via Tsukomo-nya), USgamer, Protodude’s Rockman Corner