Mega Man X Gets Equipped with the Axe of the Blood God

While you’re waiting for the next episode of The Fully Charged Podcast, perhaps you’d like to listen to an episode of another podcast which discusses Mega Man?

Over at USgamer, Nadia Oxford (Full disclosure: That’s my wife) and game developer/ alumni Ray Barnholt sat down last week for an episode of the Axe of the Blood God podcast in which they discussed the subject of role playing games born out of game franchises that are not role playing games.

You know, like if Capcom were to decide to make an RPG based on Mega Man X. Oh wait, that actually happened — and it is indeed discussed herein, among others.

Ray and I use this chill episode to chill out and talk about a chill topic: Non-RPG game franchises that became RPGs. Think Super Mario RPG, Mega Man X: Command Mission, et al. Unfortunately, for every Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door, we got about three Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood. Long live those poorly mixed public domain sound effects.

If the embed above isn’t preferable to you, then you can find a variety of other ways to download and listen by clicking right here. And if you like what you heard, then be sure to leave a comment there, too!