'Mega Buster' EP Reimagines Classic Mega Man Themes


Here’s a quick little item that I regrettably missed in all the hustle and bustle of E3 (among other things) last month.

Musician Steven Morris has released Mega Buster, the first of several planned EPs featuring remixed music from classic Mega Man games. The tracks included in this album are Magnet Man’s theme from Mega Man 3, Ice Man’s theme from Mega Man, Crash Man’s theme from Mega Man 2, Toad Man’s theme from Mega Man 4, and Gyro Man’s theme from Mega Man 5.

“Each arranged track combines a variety of musical styles and rhythms with jazz-flavored harmony and simple backbeats,” reads the press release.

You can listen to a sample of each track here, and if you’re so inclined, follow the corresponding link to purchase the EP for just $3.99 USD from your online music vendor of choice.