Mega Man 3 Among Ads Featured in Reprint of Marvel's The New Mutants #98

Okay, so this is kind of a weird one, but for the more avid collectors out there, perhaps a fun one as well.

As a part of celebrating their 80th anniversary, Marvel Comics is apparently now in the business of offering modern reprints of some of their older stories. Now, this in itself is nothing new — you can find trade paperbacks with tons of old stories at any fine bookstore, while ComiXology and the company’s own Marvel Unlimited offer vast amounts (if not their entire archives) for digital devices.

So, what’s the big deal, then?

Well, these avenues tend to reprint the stories, but not the entire issue as they originally appeared. So you might get an entire arc by buying the trade, but other things, from the letters page to the advertisements, often tend to get left out.

Not in this case.

According to Bleeding Cool, this week sees the release of a reprint/facsimile of The New Mutants #98, which marks the first appearance of Gideon, Domino, and the Merc with a Mouth you either hate to love or love to hate, Deadpool! And included in its pages are, as noted, ads.

So prominent a part of this release is the four-color capitalism that some are even featured in the preview, and that includes one for none other than Mega Man 3:

Just as it appeared in print in the long ago year of 1990, Mega Man 3 is featured in what was more or less the standard Capcom print ad style at the time. So if your fanaticism for all things Mega Man runs so deep that having a print copy of the ad appeals to your sensibilities, then you should be able to find this baby in comic book shops this Wednesday (possibly Thursday in Canada, due to today being Canada Day, which usually tends to bump things) for $3.99 USD (the price might be the only thing not retro about this).

Of course, if just having a digital copy of the ad is all you need for a good time here… well, there you go, I guess.

Or if you’re into Deadpool and are interested in the actual issue itself, you can find the rest of the preview (including an ad for Ski or Die) over at Bleeding Cool.