The Fully Charged Podcast Special - E3 2019

We’re back! Again! And this time, we’re not talking about the podcast’s namesake, but Protodude, ShadowRockZX, and myself have special guest Ash Paulsen from GameXplain on as we all talk about the show of shows, the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3 to its friends)!

At least, that was the plan. We mostly talk about Mega Man. Though we do talk about E3 as well.

But it’s mostly Mega Man.

Either way, hope you enjoy — it’s a doozy!

As for the episodes centered around Mega Man: Fully Charged, we’ve got more coming — ShadowRockZX is still working through the technical difficulties that came with our most recent recording session, along with other things not podcast-related, but they’re coming! In the meantime, don’t be surprised if we get together for some other non-Mega Man: Fully Charged cartoon-related topics in the meantime!

(Trust me, I want to get through those — I’ve got over 90 episode recordings on my PVR as we speak, and I’d love to clear some space.)

At any rate, if listening to the embed above doesn’t do it for you, you can instead go to SoundCloud directly and listen there, or you can also find The Fully Charged Podcast on Apple Podcasts, as well as Google Play Music. The hosting fee is ours, but the choice is yours!