Mega Man X Featured Prominently But Peculiarly in Capcom's New Project Battle Card Game

Though there’s still no word on a proper “Mega Man X9,” Capcom’s not resting on its laurels when it comes to featuring X in other titles, it would seem. In addition to Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite and the semi-secret upcoming Mega Man X mobile game that Protodude has teased, the company has been a bit more forthcoming with another title which also happens to feature Mavericks and Hunters, as well as other elite Capcom superstars.

Currently titled “Project Battle,” the game is an action-oriented card game about which little is currently known, specifically with regards to platform and release date. As it stands, Capcom put this out in the wild by way of a variety of YouTube personalities and streamers in order to give people in the community a taste of what they’re doing and gauge reactions.

Worth noting is that the Mega Man X characters featured within, particularly (if not especially) X himself, have been given some redesigns, such as the image seen here.

Vhyper 1985 at Rockman Corner has a TON of other images (68 in total), ranging from Zero, Axl, and Alia to Iris, Sigma, Lumine, General, Colonel, Dynamo, Mets, and so many more. You can check those all out by clicking here.

There are also some links there to various videos showing the game being played, but for now, I’ll leave you with this one from Duel Links Meta that explains the rules of the game:

Thanks to Roberto for the tip!