Mega Man: Fully Charged Toyplay Videos Take Jakks' Figures on New Adventures

Remember when toy commercials felt like mini, or even micro, episodes of the franchise they were promoting?

It seems that DHX Media subsidiary WildBrain does, as they’ve recently uploaded to their Mega Man: Fully Charged YouTube Channel a few videos which expand on the idea, telling short adventures of Mega Man as he takes on his adversaries, all told with the Jakks Pacific toys! (And good news, if you’re outside the U.S. like me — we can watch them, too!)

I feel like you really have to appreciate the sense of continuity these have with the show.

While I still haven’t seen any sign of the toys here on shelves in Canada, Protodude points out that you can get them from And if you live in the States, apparently GameStop and Target carry them in-store as well!

Thanks to Roberto for the tip!