Jack In with New Mega Man Battle Network Merchandise

If the recent discovery of the cancelled fourth Mega Man Star Force game has made you nostalgic for a time when high-tech wars were waged on 3x6 grids, then there’s some good news! Well, if you’re into merchandise celebrating that era, that is.

Screen Shot 2019-06-22 at 1.36.08 PM.png

AmiAmi has listed a whole slew of pre-orders for Mega Man Battle Network/Rockman.EXE items that were previously available exclusively at a GraffArt in-store event back in May, but are now ready to be claimed by anyone willing to pony up the Zenny. Via Rockman Corner, we’ve got:

Everything is slated for a release in July, and Protodude speculates that since there was some Mega Man X merch there as well, we might see that before long, too.

Thanks to Roberto for the tip!