Joe Figure Looks at Series 2 of the 90's Bandai Mega Man Action Figures

It’s been a while since we last saw anything Mega Man-related from Joe Figure, but he’s recently popped up to talk about the second wave of Bandai’s Mega Man figures from the 90’s, based on the animated series from Ruby-Spears.

In this second and final wave, we were treated to figures of Drill Man, Bright Man, Snake Man, and Elec Man, as well as Mega Man’s Air Raider — er, “Fighter”? Check it out (and be warned there’s a little Not Safe For Work language within):

While I only own an incomplete figure of Mega Man himself from the line, I’ve always thought this batch looked pretty good, given the designs they were based on. Of course, I’ve always particularly liked the design of Snake Man in the cartoon, so that just makes his figure even better (and I kind of like Bright Man’s added solar panels here, too).

Did you own any of these, whether as a kid creating your own adventures, an adult collector, or both? Share your thoughts in the comments below!