Pixel Dan's New Mega Man: Fully Charged Review Gives Drill Man a Hand

Whoops, guess we’ve got one more review left for this week, after all!

After looking at Mega Man, Ice Man, Wave Man, and Air Man, I guess I’m all thumbs — which is still more than Drill Man’s got going for his appendages. Today, Pixel Dan is taking this maestro of moving earth, as portrayed in plastic by the jovial jokers at Jakks Pacific, out for a spin. Unlike the previous Basic figures we’ve seen, Drill Man is a part of the Deluxe Series, which means he’s got more going on under the hood.

Take it away, Drill Dan!

They did a good job on this one, even including the drill on his back — though it (un?)fortunately looks like it doesn’t slide down to recreate his butt-fencing action from the cartoon.

There’s also some nice redeco potential for this figure, as well, if they decide to throw his DJ accessories on at some point (and if not, maybe someone can put some on Shapeways).

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