Mega Man Mettaurs Make Mighty Maverick Hunters

It might be a while before we hear anything about a new Mega Man X game (I’m not expecting anything at E3; if anything, I expect they’d announce it in December), but if you’re hankering for some of that run ‘n jump ‘n shoot action, maybe ultimatemaverickx has something that can help tide you over for a bit.

Over on their deviantART account, they have a new Flash fan game about those Bad, Bad Mettaurs in which they dream they’re Maverick Hunters, and you get to take control! You can get a glimpse of how it plays by checking out the video of the boss battle against Mega Man X Command Mission’s Mach Jentra here:

Of course, for the full story, you’ll want to play through the rest of the game, too, and you can do all that right here.

Thanks to Roberto Zampari Caldas for the tip!