Pixel Dan Busts a Move with His Mega Man: Fully Charged Mega Buster Lab Playset Review

It’s Friday, and time to wrap up the first wave of Mega Man: Fully Charged toys from Jakks Pacific.

To put a cap on things, Pixel Dan is not reviewing an action figure today, oh no; rather, he’s reviewing the Mega Buster Lab Playset, which bears more than a passing resemblance to Mega Mini’s base of operations in the cartoon show.

One can only assume that perhaps someone at Jakks Pacific or Capcom thought that a playset built inside of Mega Man’s own head wouldn’t work for one reason or another (too ghoulish?).

And that does it for Pixel Dan’s Mega Man: Fully Charged reviews — at least for now. For lots more great reviews from various other toy lines, be sure to subscribe to his YouTube Channel. And if news of any more Mega Man: Fully Charged toy releases comes my way, you’ll be able to find it right here.