The Fully Charged Podcast is Back, Bay-Bay!

Wow, can you believe it? A new episode of The Fully Charged Podcast is here at last!

We weren’t able to do a new episode on account of Family CHRGD taking so long to air new episodes up here, thus leaving me in the lurch as far as being able to say anything. Then, just as we were about to just record something anyway — boom, new episodes.

Starting with this one, in which Protodude, ShadowRockZX, and myself talk about the 27th episode of Mega Man: Fully Charged, titled “A Guilded Cage.” In addition, we also discuss the five-way all-Mega Man Death Battle which was put together a little while back. Have a listen:

More are on the way, as soon as ShadowRockZX is able to edit them, and more will come after that, once we can record them. It’s a process, to be sure.

If you don’t care to deal with the embed above, you can go directly to SoundCloud, or download them off of iTunes or Google Play. As always, the hosting fee is ours, but the choice is yours!