Shh! This Mega Man 11 DLC is a Secret to Everyone!

Well, everyone in the west, at least.

Today, Capcom stealth-released the “Wily Numbers: Instrumental Stage Tracks” music themes that were previously only available to those who had pre-ordered the game.

Curiously, while Rockman Unity yelled it loud and proud from their Twitter account, Capcom USA has kept mum on both social media and their blog, to say nothing of the official Mega Man Twitter account. Go figure — it’s almost as though they don’t want people to know that this one-time pre-order bonus is now available free to those who own the game.

If you’re one of the many who welcomed back the Blue Bomber with open arms by purchasing his eleventh outing, then you can grab it from the Microsoft Store or the PlayStation Store. Eyewitness accounts state that it’s ready to go in the Nintendo Switch eShop as well, but no sign of it on their website (unless you’re in the UK, at any rate).

Oh, and one other thing: It’s doesn’t appear to be on Steam. No idea why.

Thanks to Protodude and ShadowRockZX for the heads-up!