Move Over, amiibo? Mega Man's a Totaku Now

Well, this is certainly interesting. Whether it’s a case of a rumor coming true or mere coincidence, Totaku has announced that they’re releasing a Mega Man figure in their line of collectibles, and it’s expected to arrive by the end of May.

Here’s a video of the figure they posted to Instagram:

In addition, here’s the picture they showed on Twitter:


While not branded as such, this one is based on the design seen in Mega Man 11. Interestingly, it looks a little bit odd at certain angles (such as the one in the thumbnail for the Instagram video above; be sure to watch it through before judging).

For what it’s worth, I own three Totaku figures myself: Banjo-Kazooie, Conker, and Classic Sonic the Hedgehog (still trying to get Tails and Knuckles to complete the trio), and like others in the line, their sculpts are rather spot-on. So with that said, while this looks alright to me from certain angles, I’m hoping that this one looks better in person.

Since there’s been no word of a standalone release for the Mega Man 11 amiibo, this might be your best shot at getting this rendition of the Blue Bomber cast in plastic for the time being, though I have a hunch we’ll see more in the future.

Totaku figures are priced at $9.99 USD before tax, and are typically (if not exclusively) found at GameStop/EB Games, being a ThinkGeek (and not Sony, contrary to popular belief) product. For more Totaku besides Mega Man, check out the official website.

News Credit: Destructoid