Kotobukiya's Mega Man X Model: Now in Living Color and Available to Pre-Order

Several years ago, Kotobukiya released a line of Mega Man model kits which included Mega Man (of course), Roll, Proto Man, and curiously, Zero from Mega Man Zero. Following that release, things went quiet until recently, with the announcement that they would be releasing a Mega Man X model kit.

According to a Google Translation of Kotobukiya’s listing (via Crunchyroll), this 1/12 scale model kit measures in at 135mm, or about 5.31496 inches tall, and includes three interchangeable face plates, three types of replaceable hands, and charge effect parts which can be used in different ways (as seen in the gallery above).

The model kit is scheduled to be released in August 2019 at a retail price of 6,000 JPY (before tax), or approximately $53.64 USD. There are two pre-order pages from AmiAmi, one for 4,860 JPY (a savings of 1,620 JPY), or approximately $43.46 USD, and another for 6,480 JPY/approximately $57.95 USD. The latter is said to come with some sort of AmiAmi exclusive pre-order bonus, but I don’t see any specifics regarding what that would be.

While Kotobukiya has yet to list the model on their official English website, they did post about it on their English Twitter account, indicating that we can probably expect an official English release, likely carried by the same sort of places which carried the previous models (my local comic book shop had them, for instance).

Says the tweet:

X finally joins our lineup as a plastic model kit in honor of the first Mega Man X game’s 25th anniversary! The character’s proportions, based on the character’s appearance in Mega Man X4, are faithfully recreated and allows users to recreate a variety of scenes from the games.

So, are you in for another X? Or are you well set in that department, and waiting to see who else they come out with?