Protodude Tweets 'Something You'll Want to Remember in a Few Months'

On Twitter, Protodude recently sent out the following tweet:

He notes that “you're gonna want to remember” this in a few months. And in case the above isn’t showing up for you properly, here are the four images:

So we have Mega Man X, a screen from Cocoron (a Famicom game created by several former Mega Man talent), a plate of scrambled eggs, and a bunch of mobile devices.

Protodude has since offered up the following clues:

  • Second and third images are probably the most important.

  • Second image is from a very specific Famicom game (as noted).

  • It's not X9.

  • Yes, it is official - not a fan-game.

  • Everyone has guessed the platform correctly.

  • Next few months = May~September.

  • You might hear about it sooner but not too soon.

  • X series related, yes. Not Xtreme 3, not Command Mission 2. Not a sequel.

  • Akira Kitamura (director of Mega Man and Cocoron) isn't relevant. Don't overthink it.

  • Scrambled eggs shouldn't be taken literally.

But which part of the scrambled eggs shouldn’t be taken literally — the scrambled, or the eggs? My entire conspiracy theory hinges on this!

My guesses include “Eggman X” and “Mega Man Egg Stream,” but that’s all I’ve got. What about you? Share your thoughts in the comments below!