Mega Man Maker Hits Version 1.5

It was recently brought to my attention by Asix Jin and ShadowRockZX that Nintendo hasn’t been the only one at work making improvements to their make-your-own-platformer game.

While Super Mario Maker is going with a full-on “2” added to its upcoming Switch title, in the here and now, WreckingProgram has just rolled out version 1.5 of “Mega Man Maker.”

New to this version of the game are new tiles, backgrounds, enemies, gimmicks, and music, as well as 12 new weapons from Mega Man 8 and Mega Man 9. In addition, four new bosses from those two titles have joined the fray: Astro Man, Concrete Man, Grenade Man, and Tornado Man.

New features include a Favorites wheel, which lets you quickly choose from different items you enjoy using frequently, and the ability to place multiple bosses within your stage. In those cases, you can set it so that bosses will drop items instead of ending the level, and by activating the Boss Suppressor, players won’t be able to clear the stage until every last boss has been defeated.

As awesome as all of this is, however, there is one small catch at the moment.

According to a report by ShadowRockZX, “this version has a bug that has the chance to corrupt your saved stages. The devs are working on it in the form of updates, but for now, we say make a backup of your stages before starting a new session.”

With that said, if you haven’t already started playing “Mega Man Maker,” or are just ready to update, you can find everything you need (and maybe a bit more) at the official website.

(Did I forget to mention it’s free? Because of course it is.)