Mega Man-esque Metagal Takes to Consoles

Now here’s a bit of a surprise that came from out of nowhere.

As we were recording new episodes of The Fully Charged Podcast this week (they’re coming — stay tuned), ShadowRockZX brought up that a new Mega Man-esque title called Metagal had been released on consoles. Check out the launch trailer:

My first instinct would be to say that new titles inspired by the Blue Bomber are apparently ready to keep coming out even after he reclaimed his throne with Mega Man 11 last year, but that’s not exactly the case here. As it turns out, Metagal managed to slip under our radars and was released to Steam all the way back in 2016 (though a quick search reveals some people were talking about it in the comments at the time)! Go figure.

Metagal features most of your standard Mega Man-isms, from jump ‘n shoot gameplay to diverse levels controlled by a reprogrammed former ally whose weapon you can obtain. There’s also a Gear” system — not to be confused with the Double Gear System — that offers a “soft death penalty” when you die to help alleviate some frustration.

The game is now available on the Nintendo Switch eShop, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PlayStation Vita (Wait, what? Really?), and normally runs for about $4.99 USD, but is being discounted by about 20 percent at launch.

You can find out more here, and Red ZX has some first impressions you can check out here: